Enjoy a ‘Last Meal’ with Death’s Son in New Interview Series

If Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal has taught us anything about sharing the same space with death, then it’s safe to assume that sitting down with Death’s son for a meal and drink will likely not end with dessert. This is the premise for a new digital series created by restaurateur/entrepreneurs Aaron and Jessica Grimmer, titled Last Meal. The new program, produced by 2Penguins and Odkrow (Portland-based restaurant group), is described as Dinner for Five and The Addams Family, if they had a baby, that baby would be this show. The new digital program is an entertainment, horror, comedy, interview series that promises to be very unique.

Last Meal will feature Los Angeles, Austin, and Pacific Northwest-based indie artists from their respective art scene. Each episode will feature an artist and by the end of the program, they will be “taken out” in unique and new ways each week. Here’s the show’s official description from the press release:

Aaron and Jessica Grimmer are currently running the “family business”…but doing it with a “twist” or a knife as it were. Each week, Aaron, the grim reaper’s son, and his fashion-forward wife, Jessica, entertain and interview remarkably talented guests before “killing” them in an absurdly campy way…all while dining and drinking some of the most beautiful and strange dishes and cocktails imaginable. Last Meal riffs off the popularity of celebrity interviews and cooking shows in a quirky, comedic indie style…all in about 9 minutes. Think “Dinner for 5” meets “Beetlejuice” meets “The Addams Family”. The first season encompasses 6 main episodes and 13 ancillary episodes featuring mixology tutorials and behind the scenes footage. Last Meal was shot entirely on location at Blackberry Castle in Portland, OR.”

Expect Last Meal to arrive in Mid-April, but for now, check out the trailer below to get a feel for the upcoming web series. For more information, you can visit their Official Site and find them on social media at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter