COMMUNITY CHECK-IN: “From Bottom To Top”

COMMUNITY CHECK-IN: “From Bottom To Top”

From Bottom To Top is an inspiring and beautiful project brought to our attention by the four lovely ladies who are running it. Camilla Jackson, Bel Delia, Annalea Fiachi, Arielle Brachfeld are in the process of creating a documentary series set out to truthfully explore what connects all the artist no matter where you sit on the totem pole.

IMG_3708 copy 2The docu-series will include many different interviews from well known filmmakers and artists such as fellow FearMaker Mike Mendez and Netflix’s DareDevil show runner Steven DeKnight. Where From Bottom To Top differs from any other documentary about creativity is who else will be interviewed. The four ladies will be diving into the entire community and interviewing many unknown emerging artists and members of the Lamp Community’s Art Program along with various other arts programs such as Kids in the Spotlight

This week’s community check-in will bring you an update on the project and information about an upcoming event they are throwing to raise some extra funds.

From Bottom To Top has wrapped their Indiegogo with a successful start to their fundraising goals. These ladies are four of the most persistent and determined woman in the industry. Not letting the lack of funds stop them, they will continue their project with their heads held high and their spirit in the clouds. The project itself has already begun getting some outside interest (more to come on that at a later date). Currently the team is looking to grab funds from other resources; which brings us to the event.

On Wednesday November 11, From Bottom To Top will be hosting a fundraising party called One
. The crew will be taking over Space 15 Twenty (1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd Suite #1 Los Angeles, CA 90028) in hopes to raise some more funds for their documentary. The event will be  hosted by We Are Indie Horror Featured FearMaker, Camilla Jackson. And you heard it first here at We Are Indie Horror; Emma Bell of Walking Dead Fame will be joining Camillia in the evenings festivities raffling off a slew of amazing prizes for anyone who donates. Need a new wardrobe? You can win a voucher to Urban Outfitters. Do you have a short coming up and nowhere to film it? Win some studio time at visionate Studios! When making your next short, don’t forget about a post sound session. Oh too expensive? They are also giving away a Free 8 Hour Post Sound Session with Greg Conte of West Star Entertainment Group. As this is a fundraising to help with the film, From Bottom To Top is all about the charity work. 30% of the proceeds will go straight to the LAMP COMMUNITY The night will also consist of music, dancing, drinking, mingling, and networking. It is a great opportunity to meet a ton of talented hard working industry professionals.

For more information on the event, head over the EVENT PAGE and be sure to RSVP as soon as possible.

The project is for a great cause. They strive to bring a spotlight on creativity within the homeless community. Their partner for this event, Featured FearMaker, Gene Blalock of Seraph Films has told We Are Indie Horror his reasoning to help. 

For me personally, I’ve advocated on behalf of homeless people for years now. Next to animals, it’s a cause near and dear to my heart and this project is a great start to attaching a human being, specifically artist, to those that live on the streets.

Being an artist and homeless often happen hand in hand and this documentary series will show off all the wonderful talent and beautiful people that live on the street due to one reason or another. Everyone is human. All humans have passions and letting those passions shine is what they are after. We Are Indie Horror will be there, supporting with bells and whistles so if you find us, come on over and say hi!

For more information on From Bottom To Top visit their website at Or you can visit their Facebook. Share the event, share the cause, and most of all be sure to support!