10 Things You Might Have Missed From Last Year’s ScareLA

Last year ScareLA was a massive celebration of Halloween and horror. While this year’s Holloween convention is still a few months away, we thought it would be fun to revisit last year and show off some cool offerings you might have missed. 10 The Rope Experience There were a ton of mini haunts and experiences to choose from, but this one, in particular, was a special treat. Hidden in a corner of t...[Read More]

‘Tortured Souls’ at ZJU Will Take You Into The Abyss Of Pain and Suffering

We here at We Are Indie Horror love the local theater and haunt community in the Los Angeles Area. One of our favorite places to frequent is Zombie Joe’s Underground, whose dark and twisted immersive show play year round to plenty of fans looking for a good scare between Halloween seasons. Their latest show, Tortured Souls, is currently playing two shows nightly on Friday and Saturday nights throu...[Read More]

“Donnie Darko” Turns 15 and Gets a 4K Theatrical Re-Release!

It is unusual for this particular editor to come out from behind the curtain but this is an opportune time to tell a story that highly influenced who I am today. When I was in high school, I had a routine. I would get home from classes and spend the afternoon watching a movie before diving into my homework. One bright and sunny afternoon in Florida, I was surfing for a film to watch and saw a litt...[Read More]

“To The Wild” From Shine On Collective Transports To Fairy Lore

Do you believe in fairies? This is something you must ponder upon entering the latest show from Shine On Collective, To The Wild The ladies behind the Shine On Collective, Marlee Delia and Anna Mavromati, continue to showcase indie art in their ventures through immersive theater. The next step in entertainment takes the audience out of the real world and into the world of the show. Immersive theat...[Read More]

Australia’s Monster Fest Announces Travelling Sideshow and Submissions Open

If you’ve ever wanted your film to make it across the globe, now is your chance. Monster Fest announces it’s seventh year, and submissions are currently open! Check out all the info in the press release below. Monster Fest, Australia’s premier genre film festival celebrating cult, horror and the fantastic, returns for its seventh edition November 22-26, 2017 at the Lido Cinemas in Melbourne, mount...[Read More]

Shine On Collective Returns with “To The Wild”

Last year immersive theater blew up all over southern California. One group of young and audacious women known to the community as the Shine On Collective emerged with an impressive story of love and emotional distress with Devotion. Cara Darling took audiences on a personalized journey into her mind which was filled with so much passion and love, she could not handle it. The show was impressive n...[Read More]

ScareLA Comes To The LA Convention Center This Year!!

After a record-setting attendance at last year’s original LA based Halloween/horror convention, ScareLA has just announced that they will be relocating to a bigger venue at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The move, announced by Executive Producer Lora Ivanova, will finally bring ScareLA back into its namesake cityhood, and will be sporting the new theme of “Monsters Come Together.” Since debuti...[Read More]

WIHFF Announces Author Mylo Carbia Book Signing In Person!

The Women in Horror Film Festival is still months away, but they are announcing a great list of guests that will be attending the festival. Recently added to said list is bestselling horror author Mylo Carbia, who will be hosting a book signing for her #1 bestselling novel The Raping of Ava DeSantis. Take a look at this snippet from their press release below for all the information. Don’t forget t...[Read More]

5th Annual Halloween Festival, Spook Show Arriving in March!

The Halloween Club has announced their 5th Annual Spook Show: Halloween Festival! 2013 was the first year that Halloween Club held their very first Spook Show outside of the La Mirada superstore location. This get-together for the local Halloween lifestyle community grew into a “spooktacular must-do annual event to fill the void kindred spirits feel at the start of the year,” according the origina...[Read More]

Zombie Joe’s 50 Hour Drive-By Theatre Festival Coming in Just A Few Weeks

You’ve heard of the 24 Hour Film Festival, get ready to experience the live theater version as Zombie Joe gets ready to embark on his 16th Annual 50 Hour Drive-By Festival! That’s right, four teams are given just two days to write and prepare a short script before they perform them in front of a live audience! The show will play on January 28, 29, and 30. Written by Steven W. Alloway, Vanessa Cate...[Read More]

New Orleans Comes To Los Angeles With Drunken Devil’s Bloody Gras

Mardi Gras is just a few weeks away, and that means a night of hedonistic debauchery is imminent. Usually, a spectacle saved for New Orleans, this year Los Angeles will get a taste of the raucous causing festivities courtesy of our friends at Drunken Devil. Their latest endeavor will transport guests back to the turn of the last century to a seedy, blood-soaked New Orleans with Bloody Gras Last ye...[Read More]

Indulge In An Afternoon Of Music And Prose With Zombie Joe

While horror and blood-soaked mayhem tend to be the calling card for North Hollywood’s premiere horror theater group, Zombie Joe’s Underground is taking a break from their regularly scheduled mischief to make way for a special engagement by composer Christopher Reiner Here is a piece of their press release: Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group Proudly Presents a rare and magical late-afternoon p...[Read More]

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