“To The Wild” From Shine On Collective Transports To Fairy Lore

“To The Wild” From Shine On Collective Transports To Fairy Lore

Do you believe in fairies? This is something you must ponder upon entering the latest show from Shine On Collective, To The Wild

The ladies behind the Shine On Collective, Marlee Delia and Anna Mavromati, continue to showcase indie art in their ventures through immersive theater. The next step in entertainment takes the audience out of the real world and into the world of the show. Immersive theater is truly the future and at the forefront of the indie scene here in Los Angeles is Shine On Collective. This weekend sees the opening of their latest show, To The Wild and We Are Indie Horror had a sneak peak at a dress rehearsal.

The show To The Wild transports audience members into a world of mischievous and Irish folklore. A world of fairies. Stationed in the back of a bar, audience members are invited to a special show by a musician and as the song plays, the story truly unfolds.

From the first meeting of the fairies, it is quite obvious something is off. Those in tune with their fairy folklore will have a slight idea as to where this story will take you. Although we only saw a dress rehearsal, we were able to see the potential that will be To The Wild

Guiding the audience through multiple different experiences keeps them on their toes as they try to decipher the true nature of the fairies. There will be dancing and plenty of surprises as to which we wish not to spoil here. As the

Shine On Collective continues to grow with each new show. Each outing also allows them to advance into the next stage of immersive theater. Beginning less than a year ago with their Fringe Festival debut which took the audience through the streets of Hollywood to now transporting the audience to a fantasy world of mischief only shows pure talent and passion in the team.

The show is set to run this weekend and next weekend in two different locations. All the shows are sold out except for one as of this writing. On Thursday March 9th, there is one wanderer ticket left at $33. Snatch up that ticket now. We recommend you check out this show and stay tuned to Shine On Collective for some amazing future events. You can follow them on Facebook or check out their website periodically.