Shine On Collective Returns with “To The Wild”

Shine On Collective Returns with “To The Wild”

Last year immersive theater blew up all over southern California. One group of young and audacious women known to the community as the Shine On Collective emerged with an impressive story of love and emotional distress with Devotion. Cara Darling took audiences on a personalized journey into her mind which was filled with so much passion and love, she could not handle it. The show was impressive none-the-less and allowed for the Shine On Collective to make their mark on the indie immersive theater scene. Today we have amazing news that they are at again and will be returning with the show To The Wild

This newest show is inspired by Irish Folklore. At this time not much information is known about the specifics of the show but we are teased with this little snippet:

Come away, o human child… The world we know is filled with sorrows and complications. But what if there are other worlds? What if charming strangers offered to take you away from everything you know, promising an escape? Would you believe them?

To The Wild promises to incorporate elements of fantasy to explore human emotions. As the ticketing page informs, there will be a 30-minute pre-show followed by a 60-minute show. Sorry young ones, there is a 21 and up requirement for all participants.  As noted, two shows will take place. One is March 2nd- March 4th at MacLeod Ale Brewery in Van Nuys and the other will be March 9th-11th at The Attic in downtown Los Angeles.

There are two ticket tiers. The first is The Wanderer which is a basic package of both the pre-show and main event. The other is listed as The Adventurer and promises a special one-on-one experience and small trinket to take home with you. The pricing is fair at $33 and $47 respectively.

As huge fans of their inaugural show and the follow up with DevotionWe Are Indie Horror cannot wait to see what the amazingly talented people behind the Shine On Collective comes up with next with To The Wild. To purchase tickets and for more information visit their WEBSITE, follow their FACEBOOK or email them.