10 Things You Might Have Missed From Last Year’s ScareLA

10 Things You Might Have Missed From Last Year’s ScareLA

Last year ScareLA was a massive celebration of Halloween and horror. While this year’s Holloween convention is still a few months away, we thought it would be fun to revisit last year and show off some cool offerings you might have missed.

10 The Rope Experience

There were a ton of mini haunts and experiences to choose from, but this one, in particular, was a special treat. Hidden in a corner of the show floor next to the second stage was The RopeExperience from Screenshot Productions. Participants would enter alone in the dark guided by a rope. From then on there were a few different experiences ranging from being rubbed with incredibly soft fabrics to being thrown on the floor. At the end, participants were given a wooden chip. Bringing said chip to the full experience unlocked easter eggs including some really intense scenes.

9 Shine On Collective

This unique experience was majorly overlooked mainly because it was at a booth, but anyone who walked by and didn’t stop would eventually be kicking themselves in the shins. Shine On Collective is an immersive theater troupe who were showing off their latest story called DevotedShine On was offering a sampling of their show by having attendees blush as Cara Darling professed her stalker-like love for them. If drinking the blood of a dead bird is your thing, participating was like a dream come true if your dream was to be stalked by a psychotic woman.

8 Blood Offering

Just next to the main stage was on original haunt from ScareLA, Blood Offering: Legend of the Iron Witch. Haunt master Brooke Adair Walters, who is responsible for some of the most iconic haunts at Knott’s Scary Farm, joined forces with prop guru Donald Julson to create a uniquely terrifying experience for attendees of ScareLA. The maze was filled with intricate set design and some talented scare actors. Here’s to hoping for another original maze this year!

7 Decayed Brigade

The grossly talented Decayed Brigade sliders were performing regular shows throughout the weekend, as well as teaching classes on how to slide. These guys practically invented the practice, and no one does it better than they do. Their slider show consisted of freestyle and choreographed tricks including leaping over each other, flips, and some of the best sliding around. Don’t worry if you missed the Decayed Brigade last year, word around the street is that they will be making their return to ScareLA in 2017.

6 Screening Room

The screening room at ScareLA was not just a cool and dark place to rest your feet after a day of parading the show floor, it was also filled to the brim with exciting content and scary Halloween-themed films. All weekend long there was a mini film festival happening and most people walked right by it. We know because our booth was right at the door of the screening room. If you missed this wonderful showing of Halloween horror goodness, be sure to catch it this August.

5 The Tension Experience

Did you really think we wouldn’t mention this gem of a panel? To most show-goers, The Tension Experience panel seemed like a strange meeting of cult members disguised as a panel. It was awkward, short, and left a strange taste in people’s mouths. However, to those participating in the experience, it was something completely different. It introduced major characters and was one of the few times the so-called “leaders” of the OOA made themselves known. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Catch up here. The game is long over, but the minds behind Tension have begun a new experience which you can catch up on at the Lust forums

4 Hollywood Horror Museum

Behind closed doors marked by a life-sized T.A.R.D.I.S. was a sampling of the goodies at the Hollywood Horror Museum. While they still lack a physical location to show off their first rate memorabilia, ScareLA was their home for a weekend. On display were props and sets including from Walking Dead, Star Trek The Next Generation Bridge, King Kong, Robby the Robot, Oblivion Bubbleship, Rocket Man, and other props from Men in Black, Creature from the Black Lagoon and more. The offerings were vast and impressive and sorely missed by those who did not enter.

3 Haunted Campsite

Located in a room right next to the Hollywood Horror Museum was a truly unique experience fit for the whole family. Walking through the threshold made guests feel like they’ve been transported to a forest at night, complete with a grass floor, large trees, and a big ole’ campfire. Wicked Lit and The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) West professional paranormal investigators with decades of haunting history (seen on Syfy‘s “Ghost Hunters“) came together to pull off a one of a kind experience immersive production for all ages. Telling stories around a campfire is not only a time-honored tradition but something that is greatly missed in the metropolitan landscape of Los Angeles.

2 A L O N E

Hidden under the stairs was an immersive existential ride simply known as ALONEALONE is an existential haunt company that pushed its participants to feel a full range of emotions. They are very cryptic with their shows, so it made sense that most people didn’t notice the clues like small QR codes with a triangle on them leading them to the bottom of the staircase. The few that did manage to find themselves at the mercy of ALONE ended up going on an introspective journey into their minds. There’s no word on whether or not ALONE will return to ScareLA this year, but if they do, keep an eye out. You will not want to miss this artistic masterpiece.

1 Todd Robbins

Fresh off Broadway, illusionist and TV host Todd Robbins Investigation Discovery’s True Nightmares put together a one time only show for the attendees of ScareLA. The show, titled Dark Illusions & Even Darker Reality with Todd Robbins, dove into some real life horror stories, chilling illusions, and all the fun and games you’d expect from a Broadway star. While Todd played for a full theater, there was only one show, so if you missed it then you really missed out.