ScareLA Comes To The LA Convention Center This Year!!

ScareLA Comes To The LA Convention Center This Year!!

After a record-setting attendance at last year’s original LA based Halloween/horror convention, ScareLA has just announced that they will be relocating to a bigger venue at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The move, announced by Executive Producer Lora Ivanova, will finally bring ScareLA back into its namesake cityhood, and will be sporting the new theme of “Monsters Come Together.”

Since debuting in 2013, ScareLA has captivated audiences by kicking off Halloween early. The show’s unique premise is combining a favorite U.S. tradition, Halloween, with the peak season for fun and travel, the summer. Set in the entertainment capital of the world, the convention is a mecca for horror fans of all ages. Attracting a record 12,000 attendees in 2016, ScareLA has become one of the fastest-growing independent conventions in the U.S. today.

2017 marks a milestone for ScareLA and our fifth year anniversary,” said Lora Ivanova, ScareLA Executive Producer, and Founder. “To celebrate this occasion, we are brewing up an incredible mix of entertainment, and preparing for what is sure to be our biggest and best year yet. We are thrilled to welcome fans to our new home at the Los Angeles Convention Center, our city’s premier event venue. We believe our community deserves the very best and we are proud to take our place among the best shows in the country.”

ScareLA’s 2017 theme, “Monsters Come Together,” celebrates diversity, unity, and tolerance. Created to bring people together in a celebration of the scary and unusual, the convention aims to build and strengthen community ties across diverse groups, backgrounds, and interests, all united around the love for Halloween and creative expression.

ScareLA’s trademark combination of original immersive entertainment, on-site haunted house attractions, and diverse scare-themed programming have set a new standard for convention experiences nationwide. The show has solidified itself as the premier destination for a fast-growing audience which loves, lives and works in the scare entertainment industry. It spotlights the rich Southern California scare community, from its iconic seasonal theme park events, to haunted attractions, theater, film, escape rooms, interactive experiences, the who’s who of horror and more.

Tickets aren’t on sale just yet, but spaces are currently open for sponsor and vendors, so if you want to snag a booth at the biggest Halloween Convention in LA, do it now! Early bird prices are expected to raise soon. Who knows, you might just end up nex to the WAIH booth. For more information head over to the ScareLA website