The Newest Scary Endings Hits All The Right Keys

The Newest Scary Endings Hits All The Right Keys

The team behind the increasingly successful YouTube channel Whereistherockhammer have been putting out one horror short film every month under the titles Scary Endings and this past weekend the team led by John Fitzpatrick released yet another short. Obvious spoiler alert but it is just as terrifying as the last one.

Thus far, Scary Endings has brought intruders, bone chilling monsters, and one gigantic man-eating worm disguised as a bounce house from hell. This month’s installation channels Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell Tale Heart. Starring Damien BodieMichael Osborne, and Kimberly Leemans, they tell the following story:

After the mysterious and suspicious death of his overbearing mother, Greg (Bodie) gets a visit from his brother Brad (Osborne) and sister in law Havala (Leemans). But when some mysterious messages start appearing on Mother’s old typewriter, it’s evident that mother might not be completely gone…

Directed once again by John Fitzpatrick, these episodes appear to get better and better each month. It is clear that after seven months, the team hit their stride and work as a well oiled machine. Anyone who has made a film, long or short, knows just how hard it can be. But to be able to make one a month consistently, and not only that, but make them all good stories shot with precision and a million dollar look; that is down right crazy.

Scary Endings producer Adam J Yeend spoke about the process on a previous episode of Tea Time of Terror, in which he told Brian and Neil how their DP drove in from Mexico to shoot this last episode, all while working on The Walking Dead. This kind of passion for the business coupled with Adam and John’s innate ability to lead a team has turned Scary Endings from a small experiment to a full sized YouTube series.

If you haven’t seen the previous Scary Endings, they are not serial, so they do not have to be watched in order. If you’d like to watch their other episodes, feel free to head over to their YouTube channel linked below and give them a try. They are all under five minutes and are all worth the time. Then be sure to subscribe so you can be the first to see next months Scary Ending.