Trap House LA Is Part Escape Room, Part Art Show, All Fun

In Downtown LA’s historic fashion district, the home to one of LA’s newest and coolest Halloween events has sprung up out of nowhere. In the incredibly versatile Think Tank Gallery is a new kind of experience which combines an escape room with an art show, and knowing the art pieces just might save you while trapped in Trap House LA “Wink” by Blake Neubert Think Tank might sound familiar if you’ve...[Read More]

Zombie Joe’s Is Offering A Glimps At Death Itself In North Hollywood

Death is an intrinsic part of life, we come and go like a breeze through parachute pants. With Halloween now in full swing, more horror shows and immersive theater is popping up around Southern California, and the latest one has become a staple in the community for years. We are talking, of course, about Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour. This is not a tour around a neighborhood, this is a dark tour a...[Read More]

Can You Escape Cross Roads Escape Games’ Hex Room 2.0?

Somewhere in Anaheim, just across the freeway from a particular theme parked run by a mouse lies a nondescript business park hiding the horrifying home to Cross Roads Escape Games. Their original Hex Room game changed the escape game scene, locking six people in individual rooms, and now they’ve revamped their game to make it even scarier, and We Are Indie Horror was there to experience every hear...[Read More]

Let Wicked Lit Take You Back To Summer Camp This Halloween Season

Do you enjoy the Halloween season, but maybe don’t enjoy being chased around by chainsaws? Or maybe you have some small kids in the family and haunts might be a bit too extreme for them? Have no fear, Unbound Productions is here to serve you and your family for three hours of creepy cool entertainment. Now in their eighth year of Wicked Lit, the uniquely amazing theater company is back at Mountain...[Read More]

10 Haunts That Won’t Break The Bank (But Will Scare The Crap Out Of You)

With Halloween in full swing, we’ve been covering some truly excellent haunts, escape rooms, and events. With so many different happenings in So Cal, it’s really easy to blow all your hard earned cash on these events, but what if you don’t have the bank roll to support your love of getting the sh*t scared out of you? Have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of haunts and escape games that are designed ...[Read More]

Get Your Ass To Class At The 17th Door

Tucked away in a nondescript strip mall in Tustin, California is one of the most intense and unique haunts in Southern California. Entering it’s Sophomore year, The 17th Door once again opens its many doors to the thousands of willing victims to go through the terrifying experience. Last year we met Paula, the main character of The 17th Door, and this year her story continues where we last left he...[Read More]

Crypt TV, HauntPay partner to launch CryptHaunt.com

Genre brand Crypt TV and ticketing platform HauntPay, a division of Passage Inc, are teaming up this fall to launch CryptHaunt.com, a new, high-end mobile ticketing platform to discover the best haunted attractions in the country this fall. Horror fans will be able to buy tickets to nearly a hundred haunted houses on CryptHaunt.com starting today. A select few attractions, including Hush (Westland...[Read More]

The 17th Door Returns To Haunt Orange County For The Second Year

Dark storm clouds are forming over a shopping center in Tustin, CA as The 17th Door prepares to return for its Sophomore year.  Featured on our site last year as one of Jon’s Haunts, The haunt established itself last year as a more intense haunt, priding itself on how many people used the safe word, “Mercy!” Last year also say 26,000 victims walk through the doors of the haunt, making it one of th...[Read More]

‘Motel 6 Feet Under’ Makes its Much Anticipated Return

It’s that time of year again. As the summer winds down, cooler breezes, pumpkin spice everything, darkened skies, withering leaves, Halloween, and haunts, begin to nestle and take hold in our black hearts. It’s the time of year when horror loving fiends seek thrills in simulated nightmares, coming as close as they can to the “real,” or even, cinematic danger. And since the resurgence in popularity...[Read More]

Dance With The Drunken Devil This Halloween

Halloween is steadfastly approaching, with it bringing some of the best events of the year to Southern California. From haunts to screenings to special one night affairs, there’s just something about SoCal in the September to October months that just screams Halloween in a way no other can. No Halloween celebration would be complete without an evening of dancing, terror, and of course, drinking wi...[Read More]

Delusion Returns To An Almost Sold Out Run

Being a horror fan means going to a theater, waiting for the lights to go down and settling in your seat with reckless abandon and beckoning the fear to enter your world. Or maybe it’s cozying up with H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King, letting horror play out in your mind’s eye. In our modern age, there are even more ways to consume horror media, whether it’s video games or new media, the horror will...[Read More]

‘American Horror Story’ Creeps into Halloween Horror Nights, 2016

As the mystery of American Horror Story season six hangs in the air, with the theme of the upcoming season still a well-kept secret (the only clues provided are through cryptic teaser trailers), here is something that you can chew on and mull over until then. Up to this point, the terror of American Horror Story has been held at bay within the confines of our televisions. However, it has been anno...[Read More]