Let Wicked Lit Take You Back To Summer Camp This Halloween Season

Let Wicked Lit Take You Back To Summer Camp This Halloween Season

Do you enjoy the Halloween season, but maybe don’t enjoy being chased around by chainsaws? Or maybe you have some small kids in the family and haunts might be a bit too extreme for them? Have no fear, Unbound Productions is here to serve you and your family for three hours of creepy cool entertainment. Now in their eighth year of Wicked Lit, the uniquely amazing theater company is back at Mountain View Cemetery & Mausoleum to make classic horror literature come to life before your eyes.

Unbound Productions began in 2008 as an annual Halloween event, and has grown to a year round, membership based production company entertaining guests with theater-in-the-round in beautiful and creepy locations. Upon entering this years event, you are ushered into the “lobby”, which looks like a summer camp, Camp Mountain View. There you are greeted by a charismatic cast of camp counselors, a werewolf, a zombie, and a ghost, who welcome you to Camp Mountain Views talent night! One by one, each group experiences one of three plays: the H.P. Lovecraft story From Beyond, the haunting The Shadowy Third, and Anansi and the Demons, based on African lore.

All guests experience all three stories, with intermissions back at the campground, which include activities like ghost arts and crafts, apparition archery, and spooky stories told around the fire. The only thing missing were s’mores and an awkward swim test to make it feel like we were really at a summer camp.

The cast and crew of Wicked Lit do a phenomenal job at immersing their guests into the stories and making them feel a part of it all. While not technically immersive theater, the show has the crowd moving around the beautiful cemetery and mausoleum following the stories, and in one case, looking for a lost boy somewhere in the graveyard. There is a LOT of walking, so wear comfy shoes and expect to trek through and around the haunting grounds of Mountain View.

Tickets for Wicked Lit can run $50, but as a member entry is free. Membership costs only $10 per month, and gives access to all Unbound Production shows throughout the year, including reserved seating at their free events. We recommend Wicked Lit for those who want to experience a creepy and fun evening fit for the whole family.

Wicked Lit runs through October.