‘Motel 6 Feet Under’ Makes its Much Anticipated Return

It’s that time of year again. As the summer winds down, cooler breezes, pumpkin spice everything, darkened skies, withering leaves, Halloween, and haunts, begin to nestle and take hold in our black hearts. It’s the time of year when horror loving fiends seek thrills in simulated nightmares, coming as close as they can to the “real,” or even, cinematic danger. And since the resurgence in popularity of haunts, always arriving within the vicinity of Halloween, they seem to get better, lucrative, and infinitely closer to verisimilitude, offering the most for daring fans of heart pounding excitement.

Motel 6 Feet Under is marking its sophomore year in 2016 as it makes its return after a successful initial 2015 run. The award winning haunt will once again make its way to the Anaheim Business Expo Center in October, just in time for Halloween. My Haunt Life Podcast called the 2015 rendition of Motel Six Feet Under, “the Gem of the Season.” The lucrative annual event was also hailed as a Top 5 “Stand Alone” Haunt and Top 5 “Best Scene,” an award granted to haunts in Southern California, from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Here is the description of Motel 6 Feet Under, from the official site:

“the haunted house is an actual maze! Go in and get lost… But don’t worry. You won’t be alone. A swarm of animatronic monsters and undead MOTEL staff will be lost with you. With too many surprises to see in one pass through, the haunted MOTEL has come to life!”

If the awards don’t impress you than perhaps the fact that Motel 6 Feet Under are so responsive to their fans might win you over. The people behind the haunt took a poll and asked their fans, what scared them most in 2015? And Motel 6 Feet Under responded, here is what they had to say, “The haunted maze is bringing back illusions, heightened confusion, and one scary little girl.”

For ticket info (and more on the popular haunt) visit the official page: http://www.motel6feetunder.org/

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