Zombie Joe’s Is Offering A Glimps At Death Itself In North Hollywood

Zombie Joe’s Is Offering A Glimps At Death Itself In North Hollywood

Death is an intrinsic part of life, we come and go like a breeze through parachute pants. With Halloween now in full swing, more horror shows and immersive theater is popping up around Southern California, and the latest one has become a staple in the community for years. We are talking, of course, about Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour.

This is not a tour around a neighborhood, this is a dark tour around the world of death. The roughly forty minute show includes two haunted mazes, and scenes of death, macabre, and some outright disturbing imagery.

Upon arriving at the theater (and getting a trademark hug from Zombie Joe himself), guests are ushered in two or three at a time equipped with a flashlight, into the dark maze. Traversing through the dark, haunted corridors of hell, or so it seems, leads through the womb like channels filled with horrific creatures and lost spirits. Imagine walking into the land of death, that is the maze which leads into the theater, which has seating on the floor, and standing room in the back, effectively creating an intimate vibe, perfect for what is about to happen.

Once the theater is filled with an audience, the lights dim and the show starts. What transpires in front of your eyes is almost indescribable, but we will try for your sake. Scenes of horrific death and strange oddities flash scene by scene, lasting between two and twenty seconds. Some sad, some intriguing, and some downright terrifying, the talent within the cast of Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour is incredibly apparent, as they give quick, intimate performances, each more intense than the last.

Once the performance is over, audience members once again traverse through the pitch black maze, filled with more creatures and oddities, until they find themselves out of the darkness and back in the glow of street lamps. If you’ve ever seen InsidiousZombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour is reminiscent of the further, simple yet effective designs, and the creatures inside aren’t all looking for blood. Some are happy, some are sad, some dance while others merely stare back at you as you pass by.

Overall, Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour is one hell of a show, and for only $15, well worth the price of admission. More information is available on their website and Facebook page.