Leah Shore’s “Old Man”: Meet Charles Manson

Some monsters can be scarier than others. Sometimes the scariest ones are real.Leah Shore shows us how scary real monsters can be with her animated short Old ManOld Man is a five minute animated video of recordings from Canadian Filmmaker/Author Marlin Marynick’s telephone conversations with the legendary Charles Manson. Marynick and Manson had spent hours talking over the phone, which eventually became Marynick’s Charles Manson “NOW”.

“It took me about three months to edit it down to the five minute version you are listening to. It is a logical thought that makes sense to me and ends perfectly…” says Leah, whose undergrad thesis MEATWAFFLE  was screened at Sundance in 2010. Her short cahght the attention of  Producer/Entrepreneur Chris Barrett who told her. “I know someone who is friends with Charles Manson and I think you two should make a film.” Barrett then introduced her to Marlin, which lead to Old Man.

“I purposefully did not research him too much. I wanted to reflect on the audio alone and try not to judge him. I wanted to make something that was raw and wasn’t like any other Manson-themed films” -Leah Shore

This short film is a rare glimpse into the mind of Charles Manson. Watch it below and let us know what you think.