“Tales of Halloween” Blu-Ray Signing at Dark Delicacies In Burbank This Saturday

Perhaps one of the most anticipated Halloween horror films of last year here at We Are Indie HorrorTales of Halloween is being released on a special edition DVD and Blu-Ray! The four disc set is loaded with special features, shorts, a video diary, complete soundtrack, and more.

Tales of Halloween is a compilation of tales set in a sleepy town on Halloween night. However, the events that transpire that evening are far from quiet. From demons to aliens, to the best bicycle chase you’ve ever seen, Tales of Halloween is an eclectic, high energy film filled with frights and gags that will make this an instant classic next to films like Trick R Treat

The four disc collectors edition of Tales of Halloween comes out on September 13th, and will be celebrating with a HUGE signing at the infamous Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. Signing in person will be Axelle Carolyn, Mike Mendez, Andrew Kasch, John Skipp, Ryan Schifrin, Neil Marshall, James Duval, Caroline Williams, Dana Gould, Tiffany Shepis, Mia Page, Devon Whitehead, Cerina Vincent, Kristina Klebe, Pat Healy, Christopher Drake, Edwin Wendler plus many more.

If you have never been to a signing at Dark Delicacies, it’s always an experience. You never know just who will be there either signing or waiting in line next to you. The horror book store has long since become the epicenter to the local horror scene, universally renown  as the place for horror. As a mecca for the indie horror community, it is incredibly fitting to celebrate the release of  Tales of Halloween which is a film made by an army of indie filmmakers.

Tales of Halloween will only have 1,000 copies of the DVD Blu-Ray combo, so ordering yours now is imperative if you wish to own one of these collectible copies.

Take a look at the DVD/Blu-Ray specks below, and be sure to follow Tales of Halloween on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Dark Delicacies on Facebook and Twitter as well.