Horrify Me, Horror Photography Studio Wins SCARY Award

The artist and photographer Rick Jones, under the name Horrify Me, has launched some of the greatest in horror photos. We have shared a few with you. The highlights include Lady Pinhead, The Angry Princess, and Bride Of Frankenstein. (Links Not Safe For Work). We Are Indie Horror are mega fans when it comes to Horrify Me‘s incredible photos and today we have some amazing news coming out of their camp.

Ever year, England is hit with a horror convention that tops most others. ScareCon Europe finds the best in horror around the UK and showcases them in a weekend full of amazing scary fun.  ScareTour, an organization that reviews horror attractions in the UK and around Europe offers their SCAR award to the best at the annual convention. We Are Indie Horror friends Horrify Me picked up the FIRST SCAR Award under the brand new category Excellence in Design and Creativity

Horrify Me’s Rick Jones says as to receiving the award:

“This award really means the world to me and to the team. It’s always nice to win an award for your work, but when that award comes from your professional peers, the people who work with so much passion in the same creative industry as you, it really hits home. I still can’t quite believe Horrify Me won this fantastic award but I’m so pleased that we did…The award has very sharp edges. I can see what it’s called the SCAR award!”

Congratulations to Rick and his incredibly hard working team on this great achievement. It is artists like this that deserve the huge honor and recognition of such an award. Knowing how amazing Rick Jones and the entire Horrify Me team is, we are sure they are booking up fast. Be sure to click the link below to book your shoot.

The Horrify Me team consists of Rick, who is the twisted mind behind the whole thing, as well as his wife Claire and business manager Kaytie Smith.

ScareCON is an annual scare industry trade show hosted by Michael Bolton (not the pop singer) of ScareTour. Details and reviews can be found at www.scaretouruk.com