Check Out The Reddit Made Short, ‘Pretty Little Miss’

Nicknamed the “front page of the internet,” Reddit is a large online community filled with every fathomable type of interest group. The community based website promotes creative works and inspires artist to create. Besides general discussion, from time to time the Reddit community works together to make awesome content. Recently We Are Indie Horror stumbled across a post that caught our eye and now we must share with you!

The original concept for Pretty Little Miss began on the subreddit (forum page) r/writingprompts, when user u/_MistressRed_ came up with the writing prompt, “A serial killer who kills hitchhikers picks up a serial killer who kills people who pick him up.” This prompt lead u/JeniusGuy to write a  short story, and another redditor turned it into a short film! The creative process here is actually quite remarkable. What started as a writing prompt turned into a short film on YouTube which currently has over 500,000 views.

Produced by iFilm That, Pretty Little Miss was adapted for the screen and directed by Robert O’Twomney and stars Tony Doupe, Anastasia Highham, and Laura Kenney. The film starts out with dark tone, as two strangers  sit side by side and offer suspicious glances. Tension builds as a news report about a serial killer at large comes onto the radio. What transpires from that point is Hitchcockian in tension building. Watch the short film below to find out what happens next and which one wins.

Pretty Little Miss is a wonderful short film with a unique play on a classic folk lore tale. TJ Williams Jr. makes the film look great with his intuitively creative camera angles and movements. Together, the cast, the music, and the story make Pretty Little Miss a truly unique and awesome short film.

When creative types band together, magic quickly follows. As a creative community we have to remember to stick together and help each other out. Reddit being a user based forum is not always on the positive side, but when it is artists are able to shine. What started as fun writing exercise turned into a fun and dark short film. Remember to stick by each other and work together to make the dream a reality.

Be sure to give it a watch below and let us know what you think.