Interview: Shelby Taylor Mullins from ‘Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories’

Interview: Shelby Taylor Mullins from ‘Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories’

By: J. Carlos Menjivar (additional interview material by Shelby Taylor Mullins)

The people behind Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories couldn’t have asked for a better year as the film continues to garner critical acclaim from various horror outlets (yours truly included) going into 2017. Although all the hype surely has fans of the first feature Volumes of Blood in a frenzy, it won’t be until late this year that most audiences will likely see the much-anticipated anthology horror film.

In the meantime, however, continue reading below and read a We are Indie Horror exclusive interview with actress Shelby Taylor Mullins, who appears in two olumes of Blood: Horror Stories segments (“Feeding Time” and “Trick or Treat”)  Check out the full interview below (conducted via email) as we talk about her relationship with the horror genre and working on the set of VOBHS

We are Indie Horror: How did you get into acting?

Shelby Taylor Mullins: I have been interested in acting ever since I was young. Once I was 18 I was able to start pursuing the industry more persistently and started attending every casting call and open audition possible. I did a few background extra roles, but have now started receiving offers for numerous lead roles. I feel like I have come a long way in just 3 years, and I am very blessed for all of the opportunities that have been presented to me.

WAIH: Are you a fan of the horror genre? I know you’ve worked on a few short films with Sean Blevins and now you’re in VOBHS.

STM: I am a big fan of the horror genre! But, something I think is kind of ironic is that I am a big wimp when it comes to watching horror. I am the girl who basically has her eyes covered and is cowered as low as you possibly can be in a chair. Haha! But, I absolutely LOVE being able to act in horror films. I don’t know why I get such a rush, but I sincerely enjoy creating something I know will make people cringe and cover their eyes. It’s exciting.

WAIH: How did you nab that role in VOBHS?

STM: I had been talking about the possibility of being in VOBHS with P.J. Starks for a month or so prior to my official casting in the film. He had spoken about how he was interested in my reputation and work and that he thought I would make a good addition to the film. I sent him an audition video using part of the “Feeding Time” script and he said that I was a perfect fit! I was absolutely thrilled to be able to portray the role of Mallory!

WAIH: Tell us about your segment in VOBHS.

STM: I was actually able to be in two different segments in VOBHS as Mallory. “Feeding Time,” which was directed by John Holt, and “Trick or Treat,” directed by Sean Blevins from House By The Video Store. I really loved the diversity in the segments and was super impressed with how both of them turned out on the big screen. “Feeding Time” takes place on Thanksgiving Day and I pose as a damsel in distress who persuades an unlucky salesman, played by Caleb Shore, to go up into my room and face the monster in my closet. This segment was very fun to film! John is an excellent director and I sincerely enjoyed the opportunity to work with him.

My second segment is called “Trick or Treat” and takes place on Halloween night. I got to work with my dear friend and director Sean Blevins and his HBTVS team. I have worked with Sean on many occasions, which made filming this segment very smooth. I feel like we are all comfortable with each other’s filming style, which we can use to our advantage. This segment is where Mallory faces her untimely demise, which is pretty gruesome! When I saw the film, the whole room audibly gasped during my face stomping scene, which was pretty awesome.

WAIH: Working on VOBHS seems like it was a lot of fun. What was the atmosphere on set of that film?

STM: Working on VOBHS was a wonderful experience. Everyone on set was very professional and did a fantastic job at keeping everyone on task (for the most part, haha). Everyone was very laid back and had a way of making each person, actor and crew, feel very comfortable. There were lots of laughs shared and a lot of memories made. I would love to have the opportunity to work with each and every person again in the future.

WAIH: What’s next for you?

STM: Coming up in the next couple months I have some auditions coming up for a few films, and at the end of this year I will be taking part as a lead in a feature film directed by Tory Jones whom just recently won Best Emerging Filmmaker, Best Kentucky Film and his film, The Wicked One, won Best stunt, best kill, best score, and best audience reaction award at the 2016 Fright Night Festival. More info will be released soon about the upcoming project!

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You can find Shelby Taylor Mullins on Facebook and on Instagram, @shelbytaylor2336. Also follow Volumes of Blood on Facebook for all the latest news and screening dates. The next one coming up is on Friday, January 13, 2017 in Owensboro, Kentucky at the Empress Theater. Check out the trailer for Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories below.