WAIH Followed The Mark To American Murder Song

WAIH Followed The Mark To American Murder Song

The past few weeks, We Are Indie Horror has introduced and teased you to the incredibly talented duo known as American Murder Song. Comprising of Terrance Zdunich and Saar HendelmanAmerican Murder Song have created a new genre of music which can only be described as murder ballads.

Last night at Fonogenic Studios, our attendance was called upon by Meesrs. Storm and Tender played by Zdunich and Hendelman for a live performance of brand new songs from the upcoming EP, II. Providence. Leading up to the release of the new songs, we could only bring you teases and news but today we are excited to share with you our experience from last night’s incredibly intimate show.

On stage Saar and Terrance take on characters from the early 1800’s traveling across country to share their stories of murder and death. Accompanied by a three piece band including a trombone, a stand up bass, and a pianist, the duo took to the stage to deliver some of the most powerful and beautiful live music We Are Indie Horror has had an opportunity to experience. Terrance‘s baritone voice complements Saar’s operatic range with such grace that the audience falls into a trance while listening. As the duo told their stories of death and murder, it became quite apparent how talented they truly are.

We’ve always known the talent but to see it in action was something completely different and special. The new songs, which we have not heard before, captivated our attention and with one quick glance around the room you could tell that everyone’s imaginations were putting together the stories in their heads. Every single soul in there had their eyes locked to the stage in amazement, wonder, and imagination. Each song is strong on it’s own and showcases the lyrical brilliance and skilled vocal range of two independent artists who know what they love and want you to love it too. The set ended with a glorious drinking song which had the entire crowd swaying and singing along as the two grinned on stage looking on to what their hard work has done to a mass group of people.

After the set, the crowd gave them a huge applause and eagerly awaited the music video to show on the big screen. In case you missed it a few days ago, we have put it down below for you to view again and again. When the video played for Six Mile Inn, it became apparent that the crowd was quite familiar with the catchy tune as they sung along . The song and video depict the first lady serial killer in America named Pretty Lavina Fisher.

We Are Indie Horror will leave you with that amazing music video and we will be sure to keep you up to date on all things American Murder Song. II. Providence is now available via their STORE or any music purchasing site you prefer. In the meantime catch the first EP I. Dawn on Spotify or at any of the links below.