Download American Murder Song’s First Tune For Free!

Download American Murder Song’s First Tune For Free!

Last week We Are Indie Horror introduced you to the mysterious project coming from the minds behind The Devil’s Carnival and Repo: The Genetic OperaAmerican Murder Song. Compiled of composers Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, the duo reunites for a new musical collaboration and this time they are taking on early American murder. Today we have some more information as well as an opportunity to hear the first song off the new EP.

Produced by Scotty Morris of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s fame, the first EP from American Murder Song is titled I. Dawn. The album will be a collection of original murder ballads set in 1816 as a concept album by the unique and genre-defying duo. The inaugural album is currently available for pre-order on their website, link can be found below. Until May 10th Zdunich and Hendelman are offering a pay-what-you-want opportunity for all EP pre-orders. All proceeds from the pre-order will go towards funding the next EP and the upcoming American Murder Song Tour. They and WAIH recommend at least a $5 donation. Remember they are just as independent as the other artists you see on here and all the support helps go towards something bigger and better.

Yes you heard that right, American Murder Song is planning a tour. The tentative dates are slated for Fall 2016. If you cannot wait that long you can catch their debut performance next month. At the Steampunk World’s Fair on May 13th in Piscataway, New Jersey, American Murder Song will have their first live performance playing all the new songs and hinting at the future of the project.

The first song released off of I. Dawn is called Murder! Murder! The single is now available for a free download, again through the website. We Are Indie Horror listened and trust us when we say you will not be disappointed. The track is innovative, fun, and beautiful all in its own. It is exactly what you would expect from this amazing duo. Do yourself a favor and check it out right away. They have also launched a new trailer for the upcoming EP which you can catch right below.

Before we leave you listen to this amazing new song, we have not only the track listing but the album liner notes which offer up some more details on what we are experiencing. The liner notes are as follows:

AMERICAN MURDER SONG: I. DAWN is the first chapter in the hybrid film/concept-album project by Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera) and Saar Hendelman (The Devil’s Carnival franchise). Produced by Scotty Morris of BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY, the EP is a collection of original murder ballads set in 1816 America. AMERICAN MURDER SONG features not only music, but stop motion animation, moving daguerreotype portraits and a rogues gallery of cutthroats and murderesses. As Messrs. Storm & Tender, Saar and Terrance invite audiences to Follow The Mark:

The point to take away from that is the hybrid film/concept-album. Will we be seeing another Zdunich and Hendelman film? We Are Indie Horror certainly hopes so. We are huge fans of both their previous projects and could not be more excited for more coming from the team. What follows is the track listing for the upcoming EP, I. Dawn

What are you waiting for? Go listen to this music now!

Track Names:

1.) Murder! Murder!
2.) Johnny
3.) Mary
4.) Edward
5.) Lullaby