“Crimson Dance” Makes A Splash At FANTASIA Film Fest

The beauty behind some of the greatest pieces of art usually comes from the pain and suffering that was put into it. It is out of the darkness that brings to life amazing artwork, painting pictures which mimic the altruistic decline of those who help keep pain at bay. Filmmaker Patricia Chica‘s latest short film, Crimson Dance, uses burlesque to tell the story of cancer and the lifeline of blood giving which can save lives.

Starring scream queens Tonya Kay and Tiffany ShepisCrimson Dance is a four minute experimental piece which shines a light on the importance of donating blood. Kay takes to the stage covered in writing depicting the horrible pains and side effects from cancer and it’s treatments. As she performs her primal and sensual dance number, she covers herself in blood, erasing the symptoms and healing herself. The blood thirsty crowd watches with awe as she paints the blood on herself, cheering when she is red from head to toe.

Crimson Dance was made in honor of Patricia Chica’s mother, who battled leukemia. “The idea of this film came to me through meditation, when I recalled how much blood my mother needed to survive leukemia. In her memory, I wanted to do something artistic and provocative that would remind the viewers of the importance of donating blood for patients in need,” says Chica.

Crimson Dance will have its World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, Canada on Friday, July 22nd at 9:00pm at the de Sève Theatre. The director and her team will be in attendance. The second screening will be on Wednesday, July 27th at 3:00pm at the same location. The purpose behind Crimson Dance is to get more people to consider donating blood, as every donation can help save up to three lives. While there is still much debate about the LGBTQ community’s inability to donate, the need for donated blood is still greatly needed. Be sure to check with the local Red Cross to find your closest donation location.