‘Bad Kids of Crestview Academy’ Film Adaptation Hits Theaters January

‘Bad Kids of Crestview Academy’ Film Adaptation Hits Theaters January

The Breakfast Club has nothing on these kids. There’s nothing better than watching badass kids dressed in their prep school’s finest battling for their lives. A sort-of sequel to Bad Kids Go To Hell, Bad Kids of Crestview Academy hits theaters, DVD, and VOD on January 13th of 2017.


Based on the best-selling graphic novel series, a group of spoiled “bad kids” have been placed in Saturday detention at the prestigious Crestview Academy. After one of the kids locks away their teacher, they find themselves trapped in school with no way out, wondering who (or what) set them up. Their ranks quickly dwindle as each falls victim to a gruesome “accident” while trying to escape.

Written by Barry Wernick and James R. Hallam, and directed by Ben BrowderBad Kids of Crestview Academy stars Drake Bell, Sean Astin, Gina Gershon, Sammi Hanratty, and director Ben Browder.

There is just something about watching kids (played by actors clearly old enough to be picking up their kids from Crestview) go at it that fuels the soul, in a way that only a campy, over the top film can do. Maybe it’s due to the film’s graphic novel history, but the trailer looks like a lot of fun. Not only that, but the trailer raises several more questions. Who is shooting at who? Are the teachers helping the students? Are they attacking? We really don’t know, but we are definitely awaiting the release to find out.

From big guns to flame throwers, it looks like Bad Kids of Crestview Academy is one action packed film. We don’t know the ration of horror to action that is in the film, but as a genre film, it appears to be one hell of a ride.