March 7th Sees Two Releases in “Capture, Kill, Release” and “”

We Are Indie Horror is getting bombarded with a ton of new releases coming in the next few weeks. This is a wonderful problem to have as the indie scene is continuing to grow and get recognition across the board. Since that is the case, we have decided to combine two news stories about two indie releases hitting the street at the same time. The date to mark on your calendar, March 7th

First up, the found footage flick which puts an intriguing spin on the infamous serial killers known as the Barbie and Ken killers. Capture, Kill, Release will be available everywhere in North America following an incredibly successful and critic capturing festival run through MidnightReleasing. Capture, Kill, Release tells the following story:

A young married couple documents their descent down the rabbit hole as they seek to fulfill one of their darkest desires: kill a stranger and film it for posterity.  Strain and second thoughts pull at their devotion to each other as they carefully plot out a heinous crime for the sake of curiosity. While they may have carefully thought out every small step and detail of getting away with murder, nothing can prepare them with the guilt and the weight of moving on in the aftermath.  Shot in a documentary style from the perspective of the couple’s camera, the film follows unflinching as they document their moral decay for the sake of “art”.

Co-directors Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart deliver a romantic bloodbath that blends the true horrors of the Barbie and Ken Killers with the tropes of found footage, to stomach-curling effect.

Catch the trailer directly below.

Next up on March 7th is the anticipated release of indie thriller from last year MuchoMuchoMucho Productions and Firefly Films, in association with ITN Distribution, have announced the film will be coming to DVD. Director Chip Gubera (Song of the Dead, Academy of Doom, Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy) explores the horror of modern dating. tells the story of:

At a time where online dating could prove fatal, Jack and Kristy decide they’re ready meet in person. Aiming for an adventurous first date, they plan a weekend getaway to a cozy cabin deep in the woodlands of rural Missouri. While discovering each other, they soon learn of the terrorizing horrors that the forest, and the family lurking there, has in store for outsiders.

Co-written by Gubera and Chelsea Andes, combines the time-honored tradition of young people facing unfathomable horrors in the wilderness with the everyday horror of meeting people online.  Ben Kaplan (ADDicted,Wingman Inc) and Morgan Carter star as the hapless would-be couple, anchoring a cast supported by R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Hatchet II), Jewel Shepard (Return of the Living Dead) and Grammy winner Delious Kennedy

Taking home a slew of awards over its festival run, it is finally here for you to see. You can pre-order the DVD through Amazon. It will also be available in all major retailers. Catch the trailer below.