“Two Minutes With Tom Holland” Update

“Two Minutes With Tom Holland” Update

Modern master of horror Tom Holland is teaming with an incredible group of people to create a documentary web series. The series titled Two Minutes With Tom Holland, will dive into a behind the scenes look on Tom’s life as he re-emerges into the horror scene. He will tell stories of past and present where YOU can learn some of the most interesting facts of his classics.

Who’s Tom Holland? This better not be a question on your tongue, but if it is let us harshly refresh your memory. Tom Holland is a master of horror. His works include some of the best films from the 80’s with gems popping up in the 90’s and later. Do films like Fright Night, Child’s Play, and Thinner ring a bell? He also directed one of the better episodes of the short lived Showtime series Masters of HorrrorWe All Scream for Ice Cream. According to his iMDB page, it seems as if he will be coming back in 2017 with a brand new original horror titled Rock Paper Dead.

Two Minutes with Tom Holland currently is present on www.gofundme.com to try and raise the necessary funds for the series. The show’s host Carlee Baker, who is a horror regular with appearances in films such as The Woman, Wicked Lake, and Blue Like You, has recently jumped in front of the camera to give us a fast update as to what to expect from the series and what you could get for helping out. Watch the video below:

With the $22,000 goal, Two Minutes With Tom Holland is calling upon all in the horror community to help bring this series to reality. They are offering awesome perks for helping including a crew t-shirt, a guest appearance on the show, and even an on-set visit where you will have lunch with the cast and crew among many more.

Two Minutes With Tom Holland is created by Los Angeles based writer and freelance journalist Jack Ulrich while friend of We Are Indie Horror, Sean Decker, produces and writes the show. The series will be directed by Christian Ackerman and film, TV, and video game composer Ken Jacobsen adds his signature sound.

Well what are you waiting for? Head over to the GoFundMe page, which you can find at the bottom of this article, and help the passionate horror community bring back our master of horror who was so generous to give us Chucky and many other inspirational horror gems.