Mike Mendez’ ‘Don’t Kill It’ Crowdfunding For Release

Mike Mendez’ ‘Don’t Kill It’ Crowdfunding For Release

If you love crazy wacky horror films, then you are no doubt at least aware of Big Ass Spiders director Mike Mendez. His latest film, Don’t Kill It, stars the Soviet boxing beast from Rocky IV, Dolph Lundgren. Now the film needs your help to find funding so they can release the film both theatrically and for home viewing.

Lundgren stars as Jebediah Woodley, a smooth-talking demon hunter searching for his next demonic victim. All the roads lead him to Chickory Creek, Mississippi, where a demon from his past settled down and took hold of the small town– an almost exclusively Christian community.

The team at Archstone Entertainment are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the release and distribution of Don’t Kill It. There are some cool perks, which range from t-shirts to props to lunch with producers. There is even screen used costume pieces worn by Dolph himself available to donors of a certain tier.

Our very own Menjivar Maniac reviewed Don’t Kill It back at Screamfest, which he called “the most fun one could have at Screamfest.” When it comes to a Mendez film, we aren’t too surprised either. He has a tendency to make some truly fun and exciting films, all of which tend to be just a little over the top, leaving his trademark sense of humor on every film he touches.

Head over to the Indiegogo now and find out how you can help get Don’t Kill It seen by the world!