Blood Bank

Blood Bank: “Sylvio 2” EXCLUSIVE

When one of the best horror games of the year goes under the radar and receives little attention, it is always a shame. Such is the case with the open world interactive independent horror game Sylvio. Currently on the market and receiving rave reviews, creators Stroboskop are launching a sequel and need your help. For the first blood bank of 2016, we are going to dive deep into the world of Sylvio...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “The Wicked One”

Welcome to We Are Indie Horror‘s Blood Bank. This week we will be taking a different approach. Usually the Blood Bank takes a look at a crowdsourcing project that needs the communities help, but this week we flip things around a bit. To prove that crowdfunding works, we are going in depth with a new slasher film coming out of Ohio that raised their target goal in 13 days and still continues to bri...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: Don’t Cuddle The Krampus

Welcome to the first Blood Bank of December! This week’s Blood Bank is taking a holiday spin. With the release of Michael Doughtery‘s Krampus today, it is only fitting to focus on a Krampus centric crowdfunding campaign. Lucky for us, it is not another Krampus movie. Over saturation of the market is a real problem and if this was to promote another Krampus movie, we may be in trouble. Instead of a...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “Jeff The Killer” – Podolyak Vitaly

In times of ol’, stories were told around a fire. Some stories based off reality causing what we now know as Urban Legends. As times progressed story telling changed form; especially with Urban Legends. In the most recent decade, internet has played a key role in creating iconic villains and scary stories. Probably the most famous is Slenderman; but there is one more who rivals Slenderman. This ur...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “A Place Among The Undead” – Juliet Landau

This week’s BLOOD BANK is very suiting for the title. What creature of the nights thirst for blood would have a feast when entering any real blood bank? Easy one, Vampires. So get your garlic out and be sure to have a wooden stake ready because this week We Are Indie Horror will be taking an in-depth look at the upcoming intriguing documentary being brought to life by Juliet Landau, A Place Among ...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: EXCLUSIVE Look Into Jin Kelley’s “Nightmares”

Since it is All Hallow’s Eve, We Are Indie Horror brings you a special Blood Bank on the eve before our sacred holiday. Although not originally, Halloween has a lot of relation with people’s nightmares. Halloween is the night when people can dress up however they want and a lot of the time it turns out to be scary. People put their nightmares on display on this sacred evening. Nightmares is a uniq...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: EXCLUSIVE “The History of Metal and Horror” – Mike Schiff

Eggs and Bacon, Chocalte and Peanut Butter, Metal and Horror. Separate those items are can be pretty good; but together those combos compliment each other in the best ways possible. Today’s Blood Bank comes from Mike Schiff who is working on a documentary about two of those items. As much as you want it to be about Chocolate and Peanut Butter, it is way better than that. The History of Metal and H...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “House Mother” – Andrew Bowser

Andrew Bowser is a man who wears many hats in the industry, like a true independent spirit. Some of you may know him from The Nerdist as a podcast personality or as one of their directors. Maybe you know him from one of his countless short films around the comedy world. Or maybe you are even familiar with his viral video character Weird Satanist Guy. But something you may not know is that Andrew B...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: The Hollywood Horror Museum

Every week at The Blood Bank, We Are Indie Horror brings you the best crowd funding projects across the web and give you an in depth look at everything it has to offer. Today we give you a special unique crowd funding campaign; The Hollywood Horror Museum “The world’s first educational nonprofit Horror Museum teaching the history and legacy of horror films, TV, art, makeup and literature.” The Hol...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “Night Of The Evil Dead” – Michael Prosper and Bernice Watson

Welcome to We Are Indie Horror’s Blood Bank where every drop counts. Due to overwhelming enthusiasm from our Fear Makers and their projects, we have decided that it is best for the Community if we do a separate feature on projects that need help. Sometimes they will match the featured Fear Maker for the week, sometimes they won’t. In the Blood Bank, we showcase a project in need of funding and sup...[Read More]