BLOOD BANK: “Night Of The Evil Dead” – Michael Prosper and Bernice Watson

Welcome to We Are Indie Horror’s Blood Bank where every drop counts. Due to overwhelming enthusiasm from our Fear Makers and their projects, we have decided that it is best for the Community if we do a separate feature on projects that need help. Sometimes they will match the featured Fear Maker for the week, sometimes they won’t.

In the Blood Bank, we showcase a project in need of funding and support. If you want to help, two actions can be performed. Of course you can donate, that being the first call to action. But if you are unable to donate, share the project if you like it. Blast it out on social media. Find their links, give them a like, a share, a follow and check it all out. Every drop counts

Without further ado; the first ever Blood Bank feature is a project from future Fear Maker, Michael Prosper from Sacramento, California. Michael is the creator and co-director for the upcoming project Night of the Evil Dead

Night of the Evil Dead‘s official synopsis looks like this:

1986. Halloween night approaches. Eight friends set pace for a deadly righteous time. A desolate rage in the pines. Regan, our ace leader, rallies the charge, promising a night to die for. The atmosphere’s eclectic and the vibes are right. But, little do they know, the real party starts when the sun dies.

Although this film sounds straight out of the 80’s in the time of Jason, Freddy, and Michael, the team behind Night of the Evil Dead intend to break the character tropes of those original slasher films. Every character deserves development because without these characters there is no story to tell. There are eight characters, each with a different unique story, that becomes intertwined for one bloody affair.

Night of the Evil Dead strive for a $3,000 goal which they plan to use for their special effects and post team. For donating you will receive one of a slew of perks which include copies of the script, concept art, storyboards, a poster, a t-shirt, production credits, your picture in the movie, props from the film, and even having a trailer voice over

Night of the Evil Dead ends on October 2nd, 2015 and needs the help of this Community to get the word out there.  They plan for a January 2016 release date

Night of the Evil Dead stars Rhona Marie, Kelli Kaiser, Britney Brillantes, Bernice WatsonDavid Pete, Raul Evangelista, Dustin Chang, and Michael Prosper

The rest of the team consists of Bernice Watson as the creator, co-director, and special effects supervisor along with the help of the remaining production team of Jody Wilson, Dan Wilson, and Mark Burgess. If you live in Sacramento these are the people to contact. They are always looking to collaborate with other artists in the area.

Check out the Indiegogo for Night of the Evil Dead

To wrap it up, as the We Are Indie Horror Community, it is our responsibility to show our support anyway we can be it through sharing with friends and/or donating to the cause; we just have to remember that every drop counts