BLOOD BANK: “House Mother” – Andrew Bowser

Andrew Bowser is a man who wears many hats in the industry, like a true independent spirit. Some of you may know him from The Nerdist as a podcast personality or as one of their directors. Maybe you know him from one of his countless short films around the comedy world. Or maybe you are even familiar with his viral video character Weird Satanist Guy. But something you may not know is that Andrew Bowser also makes horror films!

His latest is a horror short that needs your help. House Mother is currently funding on indiegogo and needs to raise $50,000 to begin production. House Mother looks like it could be a throwback to good ol’ 80’s horror like Re-Animator and The House On Sorority Row with a mix of Clive Barker in there.

The synopsis of House Mother is as follows:

When sheltered teenager Sarah Chalmers pledges the sorority of Phi Kappa Phi, she learns of the Urban Legend of Demetria Clemm who served as a strict House Mother over 100 years ago. When the hazing process takes Sarah to places she never thought she could go, Demetria is given just enough power to rise again to judge the sisters of Phi Kappa Phi with brutal reckoning.

Although comedy is his main source of expression Andrew is no stranger to the horror genre. In the past 6 years he has directed 3 horror features; The Mother Of Invention,Jimmy Tupper Vs The Goatman Of Bowie, and WormHe also has a great list of horror shorts as well. One of which I think we all are interested in called Lady Killers which I attached right below for your viewing pleasure. Even though it is a comedy, it does feature some familiar faces, well kinda. Check it out below and then continue on about House Mother.

If that does not convince you that Andrew has some chops behind the camera and in front, we do not know what will. The $50,000 will go towards hiring the right cast and crew to bring you this terrifying and fun looking flick. Already attached are some great talents.

Andy “Monster Pappa” Bergholtz is House Mother‘s resident monster maker. Andy has been working in toy creation for over 17 years. Currently he is a primary sculptor for Sideshow Collectibles.  He has sculpted everything from Bela Lugosi to Iron Man. According to a Julius Marx from Action Figure InsiderAndy is the only sculptor to accurately capture the likeness of Harrison Ford in an action figure/sculpture. He has designed the mother for House Mother and you can see the design to the right here.

Other names include the talented artist who designed the poster, Christopher Lovell, and Key Makeup Artist Bruce Spaulding Fuller. Christopher Lovell is a professional horror artist who makes some wicked designs of our favorite killers and original art as well. Check out his website HERE. As for Bruce Fuller, he has been working on monster make-up since the 80’s with credits that include Army Of Darkness and Tales From The Darkside. Alongside the aforementioned talent, the horror electronica group Nightcrawler has already agreed to supply the music for the film. Their music is a flashback to old school horror films. We recommend you check them out HERE.

As with any good crowd sourcing campaign, there has to be perks. House Mother is no different. There are a slew of perks to choose from. You can get poster exclusives, prop giveaways, VHS copies of the film, production stills signed by the cast, and of course if you donate enough an Executive Producer credit.

The Weird Satanist Guy was spotted Horror-con a few weeks back and was asked a ton of questions by an annoying fan. Lucky for us the questions all had to do with House Mother. Check out what was said about House Mother at Horror-con below!

There are only 9 days left as of the release of this article! So help House Mother become a reality for the talented Andrew Bowser and crew. CLICK HERE for their Indiegogo campaign. And don’t forget to hit up the website for more information at If you cannot contribute monetarily, then please share it! Remember this is BLOOD BANK where “Every Drop Counts!”