BLOOD BANK: EXCLUSIVE “The History of Metal and Horror” – Mike Schiff

BLOOD BANK: EXCLUSIVE “The History of Metal and Horror” – Mike Schiff

Eggs and Bacon, Chocalte and Peanut Butter, Metal and Horror. Separate those items are can be pretty good; but together those combos compliment each other in the best ways possible. Today’s Blood Bank comes from Mike Schiff who is working on a documentary about two of those items. As much as you want it to be about Chocolate and Peanut Butter, it is way better than that.

The History of Metal and Horror is currently in its final leg of crowd funding to finish the documentary. In an ever evolving world of entertainment fans seek out multiple forms of release. Over time Horror fans have found solace in metal music while metal music fans is usually looking for the bloody, brutal, and scary horror films.

New York Filmmaker Mike Schiff has been traveling the country for the past year gathering interviews with some of rock’s and horror’s living legends. The list of names he has interviewed so far is incredibly impressive. Names like Alice CooperCorey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, WWE wrestler and Fozzy front man, Chris Jericho, Pinhead himself Doug BradleyJonathan Davis from Korn, Sid HaigTom Savini, among so many others.

The conversations Mike has with the icons of metal are about their deepest fears, their favorite horror films and some current influences. Also speak about stage performances, looks, and music videos. As for the horror icons, Mike explores how their films and roles have inspired such a genre. Then he asks the big question: “Why does metal and horror go so well together?” . In the documentary Mike will be exploring the metal presence at horror conventions and one horror icon (not yet named) will be bringing each segment together in one full wrap-around story.

Now onto what Mike and the team behind The History of Metal and Horror need the money for. They are currently asking for $50,000. That sum will cover attorney fees, insurance, travel, post production, promotion, talent fees, licensing, etc. In a film where you are meshing two genres that have been under copyright protection since the dawn of time, it is mandatory to cover your a$$ in all situations hence the hefty tag on attorney and licensing. If they reach more than their asked for amount, greater the production quality will be and the quicker it will get out. If for any reason they do not make their allocated goal, what ever is made will go towards essential elements of the project and Mike will be looking to launch another campaign within the next year.

They are smart enough to know that if someone is generous enough to donate they get a gift in return. Perks range from a special thanks, to the blu-ray when it comes out. A signed version of the awesome original artwork you see above is only $13. Also if donating the right price, you can be featured in the special features section of the movie when it comes out in an exclusive interview with the fans. And for the most amount you get your very own executive producer or producer credit.

When the film is close to completed, Mike will be approaching various distributors for deals. He will use promotional videos as samples of what to expect from the completed project.  We Are Indie Horror has one of those samples for you today! EXCLUSIVELY NEVER BEFORE SEEN straight from Mike Schiff himself, here is a small taste of what to expect from The History of Metal and Horror with Kirk Hammit of MetallicA fame.

What are you waiting for? Raise those devil horns in the air, open your puzzle box, and taste the sweet blood of what could be one very intriguing and awesome documentary. Head on over to the Indiegogo and follow on the Facebook. And if you need more information, the website is chock full of it!

Like all Blood Banks, if you cannot donate monetarily you still have the ability to share. Get it out to your peers because you honestly do not know who will see this and may help fund the dream of this independent FearMaker. This the Blood Bank where Every Drop Counts!