Graphic Novel ‘Kingdom of Blood’ Kickstarter– Pledge Now!

If you’re a fan of horror, history, and dark illustrations, in the same style as Medieval art, then Kingdom of Blood is just the thing for you. From writer and illustrator Robert GeronimoKingdom of Blood is an upcoming graphic novel with a Kickstarter campaign that is now under way. Here is what you can expect from Robert Geronimo’s newest project (from the original press release):

Kingdom of Blood will be a complete graphic novel that mixes history, religion, fantasy, and horror all in one nightmarish tale, told in eerie black and white illustrations. The series will have a gothic flair, merging Robert’s passion for art history, specifically works from the Medieval Period, with comic books. His intention for this project is to be the beginning of an anthology, with each volume telling a different tale in this dark universe. As a sequential story, Kingdom of Blood is an intimate exploration into a nightmare world filled with monsters, warriors, magic, and blood. Death, danger, and madness lurk around every corner of this horrific world.”

As far as plot goes, Kingdom of Blood “follows the journey of the Sisters of Silence, three mysterious beings with the ability to subdue a hidden, terrifying evil. But a bloodthirsty general and his army are on their trail, wanting to obtain this power to obliterate the last kingdom of men.”

Head on over to the official Kingdom of Blood Kickstarter page where you can peruse the various perks for each pledge tier. Keep scrolling on this page and check out some of the amazing black and white artwork you can expect in Kingdom of Blood. The images look like something out of a manuscript from the Middle Ages but blended with a comic sensibility and wit and element of the horrific. Based on the images provided, expect dragons, demons, religious inquisitions, dark forces, and blood (presumably)!

Robert Geronimo is the creator of the wordless graphic novel series, Little Maia and the pulp adventure heroine, Agent 87 and the Black Train. For more information and a look at some of the aforementioned works check out Geronimo’s official site.