Review: ‘Evil is Eternal’ in ‘Consumption’

From writer and director Brandon Scullion, comes the Wild Eye Releasing film Consumption (originally titled Live-in-Fear). Set to the snowy backdrop of Utah, the film is about a group of friends who head out to a cabin only to come face to face with ancient powers lurking in the forest.

The group of friends include: Seth (David Lautman), Becca (Sarah Greyson), Eric (Chris Dorman), and Mallory (Arielle Brachfeld). What is supposed to be an idyllic time soon turns sour. To top it all off, Seth holds a secret that none of his friends, including girlfriend Becca, know about, which is the recent passing of his mother. But is there more to Seth’s secret than it appears?

While Seth’s recent melancholy looms over him, once they arrive to their snowy winter wonderland, things don’t get much better. Almost immediately, they are met by eerie locals and religious zealots, Patricia and Patrick White (Geoffrey Gould and Nancy Wolfe, respectively). As these type of things go, it doesn’t take to long for things to go awry. Our characters soon become possessed and seized by a powerful force that has lingered and festered in the nearby woods, unbeknownst to them.

Slowly crawling to its final conclusion, Consumption heightens in its denouement as it crescendos into a mind-boggling conclusion. The film sets an atmosphere that is both dark and brooding and carries throughout matching the film’s emotional core.

Consumption is now available from Wild Eye Releasing. Click the link to purchase the DVD, here. You can also catch this film on Amazon Prime where it’s currently streaming for free for Prime members. Check out the trailer below.

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