5 Last Minute Holiday Horror Gifts

5 Last Minute Holiday Horror Gifts

The holidays are quickly approaching. Even though that horror fan on your list may be anti-cheer and pro-scary things, they still deserve a gift no matter how naughty or nice. And if you are like most of the world and waited until the last minute, you are still trying to figure out what they want. Surely they have every DVD or Blu-Ray you’ve ever bought them. They also have every collectible that you could even imagine. The indie horror fan may not be the easiest to shop for come this time of year, but We Are Indie Horror is here to help with 5 items that you could purchase last minute for the horror fan in your family for the perfect Holiday Horror Gift.

#SaveDreadCentral Patreon

You heard us speak about this on our podcast with Sean Decker, but our brothers in the horror world need our help. For only $12, you can give the gift of Dread Central to that horror loving family member or friend. Offering exclusive content catered more towards the fans by the fans and an ad-free experience, Dread Central is offering a lot for a little price  Not only is it thoughtful for the giftee but you are helping support a phenomenal cause to save a staple in our industry.

Fright-Rags Gear

Although we cannot guarantee a Christmas delivery for this particular website, it is no doubt it will be at your or your friend’s doorstep before the end of Hannukah. Fright-Rags has made an incredible dent this year in horror clothing. Recently announced their horror pajama pants, their gear can be a perfect creative addition to any horror fan’s wardrobe. Just have to figure out what their favorite film is first, which may not be the easiest task.

Horror Streaming SubscriptionWith the world transferring over to paid streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, it was only a matter of time before a horror one popped up. The first and most notable horror streaming service is ShudderShudder offers an incredible amount of horror flicks from the beginning of cinema up to the most modern. Recently they have announced an exclusive deal to be the first to stream Rob Zombie‘s latest 31. For a mere $4.99 a month or $49.99 for the whole year (saving you at $10), the service can be yours to gift. Other services such as Screambox (at only $34.99 per year) and the Charlie Band’s Full Moon exclusive Full Moon Streaming (at $65.00 per year plus 6 free DVDs and a $50 gift card to the Full Moon store would also make wonderful gifts.

Popsic 3D Art

Scrounging Etsy for that perfect gift can be a tedious task. Fret no more as We Are Indie Horror have found an incredible indie artist to purchase from who makes cool artwork that any horror fan would love to have. Popsic Art is a 3D Pop Art by Joshua Zaitz. He has horror icons such as Sam from Trick R’ Treat Jack Skellington, Leatherface, Beetlejuice, and even the Freddy Claws. Most art is $30.00 and he promises to get the art out by 3 days, which means you have to order today to get it by Christmas.

Film FestEvil

For the horror loving bookworm, there were many books released this year but one has caught our eye. From FearMaker Steven Shea and Terry Cronin comes a fun little novel that is a fast and creepy read, Film FestEvil. It blends all the best aspects of horror films we love into something completely original and new. Fans of horror movies will certainly catch all the cliches and have a wonderful time picking up on the hidden easter eggs throughout. The story is a classic slasher tale but of one during a horror film festival. It is available on Amazon Prime for only $12.99 and should be there before Christmas if you order now. But hurry fast because as of this article, only 9 copies are left in stock.