Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Zombie Bride from Lime Crime

Halloween is fast approaching. Do you know what you want to be? Well for those ladies still trying to figure out, why not try and be a Zombie Bride? We Are Indie Horror has partnered with Lime Crime to help bring you a quick and easy tutorial on how to do your make-up to scare as an intense zombie bride!meme

When it comes to a wonderful Halloween look, the right highly pigmented makeup can make a key difference in the final results.

If you’re looking to “paint on” a really cool horror look, then Lime Crime makeup provides an excellent variety of intense colors to choose from. You can’t go wrong with the brand’s attention to touch-proof and transfer-proof lipsticks, eye shadows and liners.

Follow our steps below for The Zombie Bride.

All you need is a bridal veil or wispy white wrap and white camisole or top for your costume.

Use these makeup products to achieve the spooky, sexy effects:

1. Sponge on a white cream Halloween makeup. We found a tube at Target for $1.00. You can also use a liquid concealer in a very light color. Apply all over the face, including the lips, to create a very pale face. Also apply the white base to the neck and the decollete area.

2. Take jet black liquid eyeliner in Quill by Lime Crime, and line both your top and bottom lids. Apply Boot eye shadow from the Lime Crime Venus 11 Palette on the top lid and then Venus from the Grunge Palette in the crease up to the brow bone. Apply black mascara.

Under the lower lashes, apply the Boot and then Venus. Use a brush to blend and smudge out.

3. Take Icon from the Grunge Palette and apply to cheek hollows to resemble a face that’s been lying in a grave of dirt. Then apply more to a portion of the forehead. To create a bruise at the forehead, apply Muse, a burgundy red, to the Icon shade. Have it run down the temple area.

Apply Icon under the eyes to create a dark smudgy shadow, and then add the Muse to the area to create more bruising. Perfection is not key here, so don’t create matching eyes, since this is for a Zombie, deathly illusion.

4. Apply more light concealer on the lips to make them deathly pale, and add the Icon shadow around the lips.

5. Next use Lime Crime’s Velvetines liquid lipstick in Blood Moon, a dark red. Smudge it around the outer edges of the lips and also around one of the nostrils.

6. Also smudge Icon and Muse shadows on the hands to create the Zombie body and along parts of the decollete, or upper breast area. Plus, smudge some of the Blood Moon to create depth to the bruising.

7. To create a gash in the neck, apply the Blood Moon in droplets that run down the neck and allow to dry. Draw in long, curvy lines of blood with the lip brush.

8. Then change into a bridal white camisole or top and wear the veil loosely around your head.

This is an amazing Halloween look for The Zombie Bride, so sexy and hauntingly beautiful and all artfully applied with Lime Crime makeup