Interview: ‘The Possession Experiment’ Star Chris Minor

The Possession Experiment is a dark film surrounding Brandon, played by Chir Minor, who decided to document himself being possessed by a demon for a school project. The film is dark, twisted, fun, and captivating. We Are Indie Horror had a chance to talk with Chris about his role in the film.

The Possession Experiment stars Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper with KT Fanelli and Bill Moseley. It will be available on DigitalHD and VOD December 6

WAIH: I want to talk to you a little bit about The Possession Experiment. How did you get involved in this film?

CM: I met the director through my old band Time Will Tell, he directed one of our music videos. I put out a solo video for one of the songs that were actually in the film called “The Watchful” and I was possessed in that video. I think Scott [B. Hansen] saw the video and remembered I just started acting again. They contacted me and I sent out an audition for them and that’s pretty much how I got the role. I was up in New Jersey and went down to Virginia [to shoot].

WAIH: It was such an interesting story to tell, as opposed to the traditional possession story. Can you tell me a little about how you get into the mindset of being that crazed possessed Brandon?

CM: Honestly I would lock myself in the bathroom, turn off all the lights and get as distressed as possible. I would make myself really miserable. Then I’d get on set whatever I was doing, I’d get as mad and angry as I could, try to let out whatever I could while filming.

WAIH: I bet the crew loved working with you then.

CM: Hahaha, it was fun.

WAIH: It looks like you had a lot of fun making it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this was your first lead role in a feature film?

CM: Yeah, this was my first lead in a feature.

WAIH: What was it like carrying the film on your back the whole way through for the first time?

CM: It was definitely tough, man. I had some acting experience in Florida, mostly just classes and really small things, nothing big like [The Possession Experiment]. I was in a touring band for four years, so I was used to the pressure but this was a different kind of pressure, do you know what I mean?

WAIH: How was it different?

CM: I guess I wasn’t as sure of myself. Being on stage with my band, you get more sure of yourself, you get more confident with your songs. This was just new, you know? It was very new to me, it was definitely an interesting feeling. Now I’m on my second feature and feeling more comfortable with everything. It’s a lot easier to just go on there and just be you. There’s a lot of pressure, and you just have to push yourself through it.

WAIH: Well it definitely paid off.

CM: Yeah, definitely. If you stick with it and you do what you know you’re supposed to be doing. Eventually, you stop thinking about things.

WAIH: In the film, you kind of re-create the Freddy Krueger hands, was that written into the script, or was that something you just talked about?

CM: That just came up. I don’t even know who came up with it. I think it was thrown in, honestly, last minute. I don’t remember it being in the script. It was something they came up with on the spot.

WAIH: I thought it was such a cool little callback.

CM: It was awesome, we weren’t supposed to film that part in the bathroom of me putting them on, that was all on set, so it was really spontaneous.

WAIH: Do you relate to Brandon at all? Do you have a fascination with the demonic universe and possession?

CM: I don’t have a lot of interest in the occult and the supernatural things, probably not as much as Brandon did. I definitely can relate in some ways, I was raised Roman Catholic, I went to Catholic school, so there’s a little bit of that.

WAIH: What kind of people should see The Possession Experiment

CM: I would say if you love scary movies, horror comedy, and you just want to have a good time, I would say watch the movie.