Spanish Psychological Horror Film ‘Borderline’ Drops New Trailer

Hell knows no wrath like that of two sisters. Especially two sisters pitted against each other from the start. That is the premise of the latest horror film from Spanish filmmaker Paul Masó, Borderline. Written by Masó and Dolors Coromina, the film revolves around two sisters who try to spread their deceased mother’s ashes on the tenth anniversary of her death. The film was recently completed and is now beginning its promotional stage by releasing a new poster and trailer.

The first poster and trailer show two sisters alone and at odds with each other, in a remote forest. We can only assume that a dark and intense path of danger and self-discovery are on the docket in Borderline, which seems appropriate. The film stars Paula Ortiz, Mireia Vallès, Txema Lorente,Jordia Pujolras, Iona Castanyer and Mariangels Punyet.

The story continues with the scattering of ashes. Maria (Vallès) and Silvia (Ortiz) have lost their mother and they have decided to put her to rest, in the nearby forest. One of the sisters becomes unhinged by the loss. Her mental instability leads to tragedy as the other sibling and others do their best to survive this dark encounter.

Borderline is now completed and seeking an audience. Filmed in Spanish, this title is sure to find a wide audience as it searches for distribution, in multiple markets. Fans of horror will not have to wait long to see this exciting tale, which turns one sister against another. Be sure to turn on the subtitles on the trailer below, or try your hardest to remember what you learned in Spanish class years ago. Borderline is sure to cause more terror as release details are announced, shortly. In the meantime, be sure to follow the film’s Facebook page for more updates.