CONTEST: 15 Second Horror Challenge

We Are Indie Horror has been given word about the 15 second horror challenge. The concept is simple, create a 15 second horror film and submit it online to be judged by celebrity judges. Contestants can submit as many nightmares as they can dream. The quality does not need to be anything professional, they are just looking for scary. Shoot it on your iPhone if you don’t have a nice camera. Edit wi...[Read More]

The Story of “Turbo Kid”

“T for Turbo” was the title for a 5 minute short film that accompanied 25 other shorts in the ABCs of Death 2 anthology film from 2014 by the directing team of RKSS. Now Turbo Kid will be released into theaters this weekend. RKSS is a Quebec based directing team consisting of François Simard, Yoann-Karl Whissell and Anouk Whissell. Together they made the short film and saw the cult following it qu...[Read More]

Full Line-Up for 8 Films to Die For

A few weeks back, We Are Indie Horror reported that After Dark Films announced they are bringing back the 8 Films To Die For festival, which plays in your local cinema for one weekend. Over the course of the weekend you have the opportunity to see 8 brand new ORIGINAL horror films. 8 Films To Die For started in 2006 with such films as the fun supernatural teen slaughter-fest Gravedancers, the wild...[Read More]

DELUSION Announces a New Year-Round Location

Jon Braver As Halloween approaches steadfast upon us, it will soon be time for all those great haunted attractions. No attraction delivers on the fully immersive storytelling like Jon Braver’s Delusion. This haunted play takes participants through a real life horror film. This isn’t your ordinary haunted house. Jon makes sure you are the main star of his ghost stories. Consider yourself the “virgi...[Read More]