Leglesscorpse Films Announces 1st Annual Leglesscorpse Film Festival

Early this morning, Leglesscorps Films announced their first ever Leglesscorpse Film Festival. The two day event will take place in Somerville, Alabama,  and boasts a $500 prize with distribution options. Check out the press release below: LeglessCorpse Films has announced it’s first annual Film Festival. The festival will take place April 23-24 in Someverville, AL at the Somerville Playhouse. All...[Read More]

Shudder Labs Calls All Indie Horror Filmmakers

Making an indie horror film is no easy feat, having one of your films show on a streaming service can be even harder. Well the brand new horror based streaming app Shudder is giving ten indie horror filmmakers an opportunity of a lifetime with their new program Shudder Labs.  For those unaware of Shudder here is a brief recap of what you have missed over the past year. It is a brand new streaming ...[Read More]

HORROR WRITERS: Twisted 50 VOL 2 – Taking Submissions!

Create50 has a challenge for all that dare to try. Dig into the deep reaches of your nightmares and write a story or two which chills to the bone and try your luck by submitting to Twisted 50 Vol. 2. Currently the publication company Create50 is asking horror writers to submit their scariest story in 2,000 words or less for the upcoming sequel to the well received anthology contest turned book Twi...[Read More]

Cross Roads Escape Games Is Unlike Any Other Escape Game

Escape games have been popping up all around the world. Their unique puzzles and horror driven plots are the perfect way to get that Halloween haunt experience year round while presenting an interactive challenge. The newest escape game to open in Southern California is none other than FearMakers Madison and Luke Rhoades‘ Cross Roads Escape Games We’ve discussed these two before and after a long u...[Read More]

Contest: Thanksgiving Terror – Where Is All The Thanksgiving Horror

Next week in America a holiday occurs which happens on the last Thursday of every November. Families get together watch football, a parade, and divulge in delicious food. Movies are released over the weekend and students go home to see friends and family. One thing has been lacking during the fall holiday. Thanksgiving is a time when family gathers together around a full table of turkey, stuffing,...[Read More]

HOMEMADE HORRORS – Ambient Lighting

Homemade Horrors Every movie set, home haunt, and Halloween party needs to have the right feel to it. Strobe lights and “Monster Mash” may be fine for the kids, but what happens when you want to go for creepy, disturbing, or down right terrifying? That’s when you need to think about lighting and sound. I know. That means electrical things and electronic things, which means it’s scary or expensive,...[Read More]

Win Two FREE Tickets to The Wiltern Night Of Horror

On Friday October 30, 2015 The Wiltern in Los Angeles will have horror take over. The historic venue in Central Los Angeles will be hosting a one night horror extravaganza just in time for Halloween. And We Are Indie Horror has an opportunity for you to win TWO FREE TICKETS! The theater will be transformed into a haunted house as well as hosting a quadruple-feature horror movie marathon. If that i...[Read More]

“Nevermind” Bio-Feedback Horror Game Released on 9/29

Modern technology is allowing for anybody to learn how to make art, be it a film or a video game. The trick is being unique and different in a market that is oversaturated with content. The game developing team at Flying Mollusk have done just that with their new steam game Nevermind, a bio-feedback horror adventure game. Erin Reynolds, who is head of the Nevermind team spoke with We Are Indie Hor...[Read More]

“Allison Road” On Path To Make Up For P.T. Cancellation

If you remember late last year, a strange game appeared on the Playstation Store; simply named P.T. If you were lucky enough to grab this terrifying game before spoilers went up on the internet about what it is and where it came from, you know the experience We Are Indie Horror had. Truly chilling, incredibly scary, and it even made us jump like little girls. Then a sad day came, we learned that t...[Read More]

El Cid’s Horror Movie Night Needs Your Film

The historic El Cid located at 4212 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029 will once again be host to Seraph Films and WAIH as we screen Los Angeles’ scariest horror shorts just in time for Halloween. The El Cid is one of Los Angeles most historic locations, dating back to 1915, when D.W. Griffith used the corn fields where the El Cid now stands to film scenes from the infamous Birth of a Nation. Sinc...[Read More]

New Steam Horror Game ‘A Wolf In Autumn’

If you don’t play games on Steam, maybe it’s time you should. Recently indie developers have been cranking out some new, imaginative games that challenge the current major gaming model. Steam creates more space for the artistic flow, creating some truly stunning game play and visuals The proof is right here, with the new trailer for A Wolf In Autumn A Wolf In Autumn a game by David Szymanski, is t...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “Night Of The Evil Dead” – Michael Prosper and Bernice Watson

Welcome to We Are Indie Horror’s Blood Bank where every drop counts. Due to overwhelming enthusiasm from our Fear Makers and their projects, we have decided that it is best for the Community if we do a separate feature on projects that need help. Sometimes they will match the featured Fear Maker for the week, sometimes they won’t. In the Blood Bank, we showcase a project in need of funding and sup...[Read More]