DELUSION Announces a New Year-Round Location

DELUSION Announces a New Year-Round Location



Jon Braver

As Halloween approaches steadfast upon us, it will soon be time for all those great haunted attractions. No attraction delivers on the fully immersive storytelling like Jon Braver’s Delusion. This haunted play takes participants through a real life horror film. This isn’t your ordinary haunted house. Jon makes sure you are the main star of his ghost stories. Consider yourself the “virgin” of his sadistic slasher flick. For the past four years, Jon and his team have successfully scared the crap out of Los Angeles, all while telling a truly engaging story.

Every year Delusion has had to change locations for one reason or another, which is why it came
with great excitment last week when Braver announced that he has found a year-round location for 2016! He first made this announcement at ScareLA, hinting at a possible permanent location. Last week, however, Jon sent out this letter:

To our amazing, loyal and patient Delusionals,

We cannot even begin to count the strange, disturbing and exhilarating memories (and people) from the otherworld of Delusion over the last four seasons.
Last year, I recall a guest so into the story that he begged our protagonist to sign his Playbill! This intimate, theatrical adventure means so much to so many people and we want nothing more than to share this experience further.

As many of you know, we’ve been looking for a long term and non-residentially zoned venue for quite some time. I am beyond excited to announce that we’ve found a special place to call our cryptic home for years to come! But can Delusion exist outside of the Fall season? Damn right it can. It’s interactive theatre! And strange, intimate adventures, to places we cannot even fathom, should exist any time of the year!

So for limited nights, starting early next year, you will play your part once again. And beyond the play, we’ll have special screenings, parties, live music, magic and so much more at the new space!

Ok, I know what you’re saying, “That’s amazing! But will there be a play this fall season?!” This time around, having recently found the right space, we need to focus on building out our most spectacular show yet. Of course I’d be lying if I said we won’t miss falling down the rabbit hole with you this Fall. But never fear (or do), as we will dive into another psychologically disturbing journey before you know it!

You should know that this is all your fault! You made us do it! So from all of us who create Delusion, we can never thank you enough for your incredible support. It has, and will continue to be, darkly euphoric.

Playing My Part
Jon Braver – Creator/Writer/Director – Delusion

P.S. You made it this far! You deserve a hint about our first play at the new space:
A misshapen figure sits at the piano, his fingers dance across the keys as the darker melodies of Chopin bring him further, blissful misery.
“Death is… whimsical tonight.”  He whips around and faces us.

So there will not be a show this fall, but we will get approximately 160 nights of shows, from what was said back at ScareLA. We here at WAIH love this fully immersive experience, and cannot wait to see what Jon has cooked up for us next year.