Where Is Madison?

Where Is Madison?

Back in mid May our friends at Seraph Films launched a video, or pretty much a vlog, featuring a long-time fan of theirs named Chloe whose sister had apparently been kidnapped. Gene Blalock at Seraph has mentioned that in an effort to raise awareness about what Chloe is going through, he offered Seraph’s YouTube page as a launchpad for Chloe’s videos.

A text message with a link to a bizarre YouTube video full of puzzles and oddities was sent to her and she was asking the internet for helping solving the puzzles, thinking that it had a connection to her lost sister, Madison. Since then, over 20 more videos have been posted in Seraph’sChloe’s Videos” playlist detailing the mysteries and adventures that Chloe has experienced as she’s been trying to find her sister. She’s actually been to some pretty cool places, run into some very weird people, and made some progress toward learning about what happened to her sister. There’s also a growing horror/thriller vibe in the videos. The source of the strange videos, a YouTube channel called Pathological Lyre, has sent three more weird videos since, each full of strange puzzles, some of which are still unsolved.

While we’ve only recently started to watch the videos, the part-cult, part-government conspiracy, semi-horror vibe surrounding the disappearance of Chloe’s sister is something that’s been pretty intriguing. The puzzles in the videos from Pathological Lyre seem to range from reasonably simple to soul-crushingly hard, so if that’s your thing, it might be worth checking the videos out. The videos have their own website , but you can check out Chloe’s Videos HERE and Pathological Lyre’s videos HERE

It’s a little unclear exactly what this whole thing is. Whether it’s an act of altruism on Gene Blalock’s part or something else entirely, there’s been a pretty decent community building up to help Chloe as she tries to solve this puzzles and find her sister. There’s been a pretty significant stalker situation, even to the point that Chloe has enlisted multiple PIs (and we’ve confirmed they’re real private investigators!)

In any case, our hearts go out to Chloe and we’re eager to see if we can help her to solve some of these strange mysteries. If this sounds like it might be up your alley, please join in! You can either comment directly on the YouTube videos or there’s a contact form on the www.findmadison.com page.