“Raw Focus” Trailer Features New Masked Killer Razorface

Off the Beaten Path Films in association with Mouse Nest Productions as well as Rising Pulse Productions have come together to make writer/director Bobby Jones feature debut with Raw Focus

Here’s a synopsis:

All hell breaks loose when a photographer with a flare for erotic art takes a group of stunning models out into the middle of nowhere for the ultimate photo-shoot. Unfortunately for this crew of young and aspiring talent, this happens to be the same middle of nowhere in-which a trio of psychopathic killers have selected to use as their personal killing fields.

The film stars John Chiara, Rachel Anderson, Roger Conners, Chanel Lewis, Benny Benzino, Kayla McDonald, and Brittany Buck

Benzino plays the films killer, known as Razorface, who has his own website and Facebook page. Little is known about the character, other than the fact that he wears different masks. His coolest mask, and the reason this article exists, is his Razor mask. This mask has large shards of glass used to rip open the faces of his enemies. If that isn’t cool enough for you than we don’t know what is.

So far, the film has no date to release, but it has finished filming, complete with a trailer below. Watch it and let us know what you think!

P.S. Although the mask is really cool, We highly doubt it’d be a good Halloween costume. Don’t walk around with broken shards of glass on your face. Unless your Benny Benzino…