Review: Short Film ‘Mirrored,’ Inventive Horror Comedy

Review: Short Film ‘Mirrored,’ Inventive Horror Comedy

From director Ryan Shovey– this week’s Featured FearMaker— comes the very funny and quirky short film Mirrored, subtitled “A Demonic Horror Comedy,” written and produced by Nicole Bird. What starts off as a simple enough service when our “hero,” Dylan (Aaron Jay Rome), has a mirror installed in his bathroom, which soon turns into a living nightmare for the gaming slacker who’s only current preoccupation should be his virtual enemies on his TV.

Dylan is the stereotypical gamer: trapped in his “zone” as time slips away in nearly endless sessions of rat-tat-tat action as the day yields to night, living a vicarious life through avatars and virtual accomplishments. However, things are about to change, after a mishap on a bathroom mirror installation (which was actually meant for someone else).

As it happens, his new mirror is the wrong mirror, but that’s no big deal right? Maybe the angles are wrong or even the size, except that’s not the case. This mirror happens to be a portal to hell, and it’ll take a few days before the people who installed it can come by to fix their gaffe. In the meantime, all Dylan has to do is not get sucked in to the portal where a Demon Dylan (Bryan Mordechai Jackson) inhabits ready and eager to break free. Seems simple enough, right?

Mirrored, is a riotous good time with a fun little premise that delivers laughs in a sparse and limited setting. This devilishly fun eight minute short features a bevy of talent and exudes an audacious aura of creativity that is aesthetically pleasing and showcases crafty visuals. Aaron Jay Rome is hilarious as the goofy and clueless gamer dealing with the hardships of competitive gaming in a virtual world and the conundrum of a demonic force threatening to tear his life asunder.

Mirrored is a Nicole Bird and Carpenter Hill Production, directed, edited, and shot by Ryan Shovey, director of the 2008 Edgar Allan Poe adaptation of The Tell-Tale Heart, a 26 minute short film. The film has appeared at Screamfest 2015, Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival 2015, and Hollywood RIP Horror 2015

You can check out the short film below: