Scary Endings Gets In The Holiday Spirit With “Santa Claus Is A Vampire”

The monthly YouTube series Scary Endings is back for season 2 and their second episode falls just around the time of all the holidays. The latest Scary Endings episode is titled “Santa Claus is a Vampire” and before even watching the film, it is a valid question to ask. He sees you when you are sleeping and knows when you are awake. He only comes out at night and has a tedious plan that only allows him to travel from place to place while there is no sun. It all adds up! Well watch the second episode below and come back to find out more information on Scary Endings and their holiday special.

Santa Claus is a Vampire tells the simple story of a happily married couple, Sharon and Cody played by Hannah Marshall and Ryan Dillon, returning home with this year’s Christmas tree when an unexpected encounter with Vampire Santa Claus leaves Sharon the sole defender of her home. This incredibly fun holiday installment was directed by series producer John Fitzpatrick and written by another producer, Jessica Chandler.

The short is as fun as it sounds. Straight out of the gate, Santa Claus is a Vampire pulls the audience along for a nightmarish journey of the holidays. Santa Claus, played by Casey Kooyman, is a child’s worst Christmas imagined. He is brought to life by Make-up Effects artist Erika Cho.

This short’s writing stands above all else. The main character, Sharon, knows her Vampire lore and finds everything she thinks she needs to destroy a vampire. As she grabs a bowl of garlic and a frozen garlic bread, the light-hearted comedic element present in most holiday specials shows itself.

Overall another great addition to the Scary Endings saga. Follow Scary Endings at all the important links below and be sure to look out for the next episode coming in January where they go on a New Year’s vacation cruise with a promise of loads of water, trauma, and a special guest star, Kaitlin Doubleday from Fox’s Empire.