We Are Indie Horror, PROco, and Action On Film Festival Announce Contests For First Time Filmmaker

We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with PROco PROduction coMPANY and the Action on Film Festival to give one first time filmmaker a waived fee to enter into the festival, taking place in Las Vegas this August. “We Are Indie Horror and The Action on Film Fest were our firstsupporters.” Says Joseph Davis of PROco “They gave us the opportunity to show our work to an audience on the...[Read More]

15 Second Horror Challenge Returns and FearMakers Are Out To Win

Last year we reported on the 15 Second Horror Challenge which puts horror artists from all around the globe into a position to create the scariest shortest film they can think of. A few We Are Indie Horror community members participated and did fairly well in the process. Those FearMaker’s return this year with even more frights to boot, just in time for Halloween. The 15 Second Horror Film Challe...[Read More]

Seraph Films Launches Short Film Screenplay Contest

This is a call to all aspiring horror or thriller writers. Writing a script is a challenge within itself but the process that follows to make that story come to life can be downright impossible. Thanks to our friends at Seraph Films, your opportunity to have a professional team produce your screenplay is here! Seraph Films is trying something new with launching a Short Film Screenplay contest. The...[Read More]

Review: “Nina Forever” The Darkest Of Romances

The darkest of romances make for the best romance merely for the fact that they eschew all the saccharine pulp that has been the theme in many classic romantic pieces. What they lack is a confrontation with the realism of pain, anguish, loss, and regret that engulfs and plagues the living. Who needs sweeping epics of grand romantic gestures when dark pieces of romance like Edgar Allan Poe‘s Annabe...[Read More]

Review: 100 Lucky Fans Can Own “Hank Boyd Is Dead” On DVD

Brooklyn based writer and director Sean Melia (short films You Don’t Know Me and The Administrator) purportedly made his debut feature film in just eight days on a very minuscule budget. Hank Boyd is Dead may have been crafted under the auspices of a micro-budget– using Broadway actors, and resources readily at hand to the director– but the production value here is incredible. Looking nothing like...[Read More]

Win a Home Theater From “Kill or Be Killed”

Back in January We Are Indie Horror  caught word of a genre mashup film blending western and horror with Kill Or Be Killed. Coming from Greeks film, Kill Or Be Killed is created by the team of Duane Graves and Justin Meeks. It tells the story of: In the autumn of 1900, outlaw Claude Barbee puts his “retirement plan” in action, attempting to lead his train-robbing gang across Texas to recover a cas...[Read More]

Shudder Labs Calls All Indie Horror Filmmakers

Making an indie horror film is no easy feat, having one of your films show on a streaming service can be even harder. Well the brand new horror based streaming app Shudder is giving ten indie horror filmmakers an opportunity of a lifetime with their new program Shudder Labs.  For those unaware of Shudder here is a brief recap of what you have missed over the past year. It is a brand new streaming ...[Read More]

HORROR WRITERS: Twisted 50 VOL 2 – Taking Submissions!

Create50 has a challenge for all that dare to try. Dig into the deep reaches of your nightmares and write a story or two which chills to the bone and try your luck by submitting to Twisted 50 Vol. 2. Currently the publication company Create50 is asking horror writers to submit their scariest story in 2,000 words or less for the upcoming sequel to the well received anthology contest turned book Twi...[Read More]

Contest: Thanksgiving Terror – Where Is All The Thanksgiving Horror

Next week in America a holiday occurs which happens on the last Thursday of every November. Families get together watch football, a parade, and divulge in delicious food. Movies are released over the weekend and students go home to see friends and family. One thing has been lacking during the fall holiday. Thanksgiving is a time when family gathers together around a full table of turkey, stuffing,...[Read More]

Win Two FREE Tickets to The Wiltern Night Of Horror

On Friday October 30, 2015 The Wiltern in Los Angeles will have horror take over. The historic venue in Central Los Angeles will be hosting a one night horror extravaganza just in time for Halloween. And We Are Indie Horror has an opportunity for you to win TWO FREE TICKETS! The theater will be transformed into a haunted house as well as hosting a quadruple-feature horror movie marathon. If that i...[Read More]

15 Second Horror Film Challenge Theater: “Watch The Baby” – Kevin Martin

A few months back, We Are Indie Horror, informed the community about the 15 second horror film challenge. The concept is simple, create a short film in 15 seconds and make it scary. With judges like the legendary founder of Troma, Llyod Kaufman, this is a great opportunity to be seen. We asked if you are a community member to send it over so we can share it. Kevin Martin from PUSH PIN PRODUCTIONS ...[Read More]


CONTEST UPDATE: Madison has graced us with 2 FREE Tickets for the game when it opens later this month. Find out how to enter at the bottom of this article! When horror fans think about Fear Makers their minds will generally travel towards Film, when in reality the Horror genre is beyond just the silver tape. Here at We Are Indie Horror we strive to connect ALL horror artists across the entire worl...[Read More]

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