Review: Revival of the Beast from the Pacific Northwest in ‘Hunting Grounds’ – We Are Indie Horror

‘Hunting Grounds’ Poster By: Joseph R. Davis A father and son move to a remote cabin, poor, broke and in bereavement. Still suffering the loss of his mother, Michael must also confront his father’s alcoholism. The two are later joined by a couple of friends for some quality hunting/drinking time in the surrounding woods. The band of hunters are then hunted by the legendary beast ...[Read More]

WIHFF Submissions Now Open

The newest female-driven horror film festival has recently opened up for early bird submissions. The Women In Horror Film Festival, or WIHFF is a unique festival dedicated to showcasing and celebrating female writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, make-up artists, actors and composers who have dedicated their craft to the horror genre. The festival will be coming to the community of Litt...[Read More]

REVIEW: ‘You’re Killing Me’ – We Are Indie Horror

By J. Carlos Menjivar Not too often does a serial killer movie arrive surrounded by a veil of joyously comedic fortitude. You’re Killing Me is one of those movies, one that happens to be as entertaining as it is funny. The film is a “psycho-comedy”– even a romantic comedy– and cautionary tale that’ll make you think twice about who you date. Sent to a hospital by...[Read More]

Need A Halloween Mask? Try One With A Movable Jaw from Mad Monster Masks

Every Halloween thousands of people buy masks and then pus them up to be used as hats. They cannot drink or eat using them and in a party situation both of those actions are crucial. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could eat and drink and even speak while still wearing your mask? Mad Monster Masks is here to answer that prayer. They have created a line of highly detailed masks with movable jaws. Mad...[Read More]

Stop Making Remakes, PLEASE!!!

You can see them all over the internet, on every major news site. Halloween is getting one, The Exorcist is getting one. Hell, even Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is getting one. Remakes have been all the rage the last few years, and it needs to stop. You can’t blame all the studio executives who have no intent for artistic integrity whatsoever for jumping on the remake bandwagon. It’s ...[Read More]