Need A Halloween Mask? Try One With A Movable Jaw from Mad Monster Masks

Every Halloween thousands of people buy masks and then pus them up to be used as hats. They cannot drink or eat using them and in a party situation both of those actions are crucial. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could eat and drink and even speak while still wearing your mask? Mad Monster Masks is here to answer that prayer.

They have created a line of highly detailed masks with movable jaws. Mad Monster Masks were created by Ralis Kahn, a practical special effects guru responsible for the masks worn by metal band Slipknot. Each masks is hand sculpted in his signature style and come in two piece fashion. The masks are made from mostly latex and are easily customizable for the shape and hairline of your face. Inside the masks is removable foam which allows for a more secure fitting pending your face structure.

Mad Monster Masks recently have been showing off at conventions across the country. We Are Indie Horror were able to experience these incredible creations at ScareLA. Not only are they highly detailed and real looking, they moved comfortably and are light weight. You can purchase these masks in their online store for less than $60 a piece. While in their store, check out the costumes they recommend with the masks to complete your Halloween mascaraed.

Low tech, high impact. High quality, low costs. These Mad Monster Masks are the perfect show-off for any Halloween costume. With Halloween right around the corner you may want to head on over to their website and give the masks a look-see now. With plenty of scary and creepy ones to go around, we are sure you will find something you like. Check out the zombie demo below. Also do not forget to support by heading over to their Facebook where they are running a choose your mask sweepstakes. Happy Halloween!