Guide To Horror Themed Holiday Gifts

Guide To Horror Themed Holiday Gifts

The holiday season has been thrusted upon us. Horror fans everywhere can rejoice with the slew of holiday horror out this year. The holiday season for us may be about who would win Santa vs. Krampus or conjuring the dreadful and gory ideas which include Santa’s elves feasting on Santa’s dead body. For others it is about gift giving. Here at We Are Indie Horror, we have searched through the independent art haven of Etsy to bring the most unique horror themed gifts for any horrorphile on your list.

Blood Candle – $22.00

The first gift on our list is this wooden-wicked bleeding candle made by Lot450shop. This candle comes in either unscented or warm apple cider, and looks like blood when the wax melts. If you want to give it that extra kick, add a few drops of fake (or not so fake) blood on the rim. Each candle comes in a white ceramic jar which extenuates the deep crimson red inside.

Hellraiser Puzze Box Necklace – $15.03

The perfect accessory for a true horror fan. Keep the Cenobites close by with this resin made puzzle box made by FreakTreasures. These treasures are made to order and ship from Rome, Italy, so be sure to order your’s sooner rather than later to ensure delivery by December 25.

Doll Head Candle Holder – $22.00

If the blood candle is not terrifying enough, these doll head candle holders are sure to do the trick. Hand made from black stone and cement, the creepy doll head candle holder is the perfect addition to any desk or nightstand. The eyes of the doll glow from the candles within, which leads to an eerie presence about the room. Plus they are sure to creep out any guests that come to visit.

Silent Hill Gore Heels – $150.00

These one of a kind heels are the perfect gift for the strong willed horror lady in your life. They are decked out with all the best gore from Silent Hill, including the bottoms. Make a statement when you walk into your horror trivia with these bad girls on and watch the heads turn as jealous stares burn through the back of your head. No doubt these shoes will be the envy of all those around you. There is only one pair available, so if you want them, act now!

Freddy Krueger Lawn Gnome – $55.00

Lawn gnomes are creepy enough on their own. But why not mix the creepiness of a lawn gnome with a horror icon? This lawn gnome is guaranteed to terrorize your dreams and give your neighbors a reason to walk on the other side of the street. These are made by RevenantFX and have several different slasher icons in lawn gnome form. Hurry and get them before the blood dries out.

Custom Hand Painted Hats and Shoes –  ~$100

These may be a bit on the expensive side but the artwork on the hats and shoes is incredible. Let the artist know what your favorite horror movie is and in a few weeks your custom wears will be at your door. No horror movie is too abstract as this artist will work tirelessly to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. The prices vary depending on what you want, but the one of a kind gift ensures nobody has the same hat or shoes as you.

Bloody Holiday Tree Ornaments – $6.00

The simple yet elegant ornament is the perfect addition to this year’s tree. Nothing says seasons greetings like blood splatter, and these ornaments are perfect for horror themed trees. Or they can be handed out as a party favor at the annual Christmas party. Either way these guys are perfect for decorating your home during the holidays.

There are an incredible amount of independent artists on Etsy. The horror ones are very easy to find. If nothing on our list suits your holiday needs, head on over to and search for it. Support independent arts, especially those within horror. If you know of any more great gifts or artists that make a great holiday present, let us know by sending an e-mail to us.