“The Rocky Horror Phenomenon” Doc To Shoot In Los Angeles This Month!

If you’re looking for thrills, chills, and absolute pleasure, then you may be in for a little treat. Since 2014, one German documentary team has been hard at work creating the definitive Rocky Horror Picture Show documentarym and they’re coming to Los Angeles to talk with cast, crew, and fans!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is perhaps the most well known cult classic film in the world. With millions of fans around the world taking part, the film is regularly screened with live shadowcasts, making it the most screened film in history. What made the film great, aside from the rocking tunes, Meatloaf’s saxophone, and Tim Curry’s vivacious attitude, it’s the hardcore fans who dress up, act out the film, yell callbacks, and create a worldwide community of fans, which feels more like a family.

The doc, called The Rocky Horror Phenomenon, headed by superfan Andreas Zerr, has already clocked in some footage, including interviews with costumer Sue Blain Patricia Quinn, Peter Suschitzky, Michael White, Annabel Leventon and LindsayIngram. They were also present at the Royal Albert Hall screening of the cult classic. Now they are gearing up to come to Los Angeles to talk to more fans of the film.

While much is not yet known about the documentary team’s trip to Hollywood, we do know that they will be in town at the end of may to talk with some of the most loyal fans of the almighty lips. They will be talking with original shadow casters, a tradition which dates back to the 1970’s in Los Angeles, as well as some modern fans of the film. Los Angeles is currently home to the longest running shadow cast, Sins O’ The Flesh, and there are more than a few cast and crew members living in Los Angeles, including producer Lou Adler

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