Terror Films Expands Distribution Allowing More Horror In Your Home

Over the past year, the distrubution company Terror Films has been a force to reckon with. With releases such as Patient Seven and House of Purgatory coming late last year, they solidified themselves as an indie horror distributor that knows how to scare. With an already packed slate for 2017, the company has made a deal with multiple companies to make it easier to catch this awesome horror flicks in your home.

With a singular goal of bringing the best indie horror to the widest possible audience, Terror Films will be releasing their films across several new platforms which include 3 Roku Channels, the newly formed VOD channel IBleedIndie and a World Wide expansion on iTunes International. The latter alone is reaching over 15 countries. All of this news come with the addition to the company’s existing strategies which includes the partnership with Raven BannerReleasing, handling all Canada distribution, and Automatic Entertainment, handling official foreign sales.

Over the next few weeks Terror Films plans the full launch. Currently the Roku channels are live and include Free Flix Tonight, 24 Hour Movie Channel, and Free Grindhouse Flix Tonight. Roku users can find the Terror Films page by clicking the above links. The IBleedIndie full launch is expected within the upcoming weeks.

In regards to the exapnsion, Terror Films Executive Joe Dain stated:

We are in exciting times in the digital and VOD world of distribution. If handled correctly, we can shine a light on some of the best indie horror films out there that you might not otherwise see from some of our larger distribution counterparts.  We not only give these indie films exposure on a massive level across multiple platforms but by doing so we give them a real chance of being financially successful for everyone involved

This launch will include their entire 2016 slate which consists of the following films: Antidote, Hell House LLC, The Dark Stranger, The Chosen, House of Purgatory, The House on Pine Street, Goddess of Love, Patient Seven and Landmine Goes Click. Click any of the red titles for the We Are Indie Horror review.

For more information on Terror Films or even to submit your completed feature film for distrubution consideration visit either the official website at www.terrorfilms.net or their facebook at www.facebook.com/TerrorFilmsLLC