Jon’s Haunts: Alone

Jon’s Haunts: Alone

Our featured FearMaker for the week, Jon Schnitzer, is an expert in haunts. His upcoming film Haunters: The Movie explores history and evolution of the haunted house / horror attraction.We Are Indie Horror asked Jon to give us his five favorite haunts, and like most other creative types, he was not able to give us just 5; Jon gave us 7. Throughout the week we will explore these haunts and explain why he loves it and where you can find it

The last but certainly not least of Jon’s favorite haunts for the week comes Alone: An Existential Haunting. Not too long ago, We Are Indie Horror had the opportunity to experience this… uh… event. There is not much more to say about it. They are in their last weekend for the fourth in their Unweave the Rainbow series. So better jump on those tickets fast. After we hear what Jon has to say about the haunt, we will have the reaction of We Are Indie Horror to follow

Alone feels like a David Lynch movie. You’re scared and you don’t know why, there’s tension suspense and moments of exhilaration and aggressive empathy. When you leave Alone covered from head to toe in all kids of gross stuff, but with your eyes wide open because you didn’t just get sacred; you got to play in a very unpredictable environment. Alone inspired me and made me feel like a kid again.

For those in the dark, Alone is a fully-immersive and existential experience that explores the full range of human emotions. It places you as a participant within your own dreams, fantasies, and nightmares. Some familiar and others not so much. It is a 45 minute journey through multiple rooms and scenarios. Yes you do have to sign a waiver, yes they do touch you. Aggressive at times but never harmful. If the title did not give it away, you do go through by yourself and if for any reason you are chicken there is a safe word (but we beg of you to not use it and allow yourself to push through it).

Everybody’s experience will be different. It depends on how open you are to freeing your mind and your spirit. Listen to everything. Absorb it, take it all in and definitely think about it. To call it a haunt would be misleading. If you are afraid of feeling all emotions in a short time span, then yes it is scary. Due to the wide range of emotions you do feel, everything from empathy to fright, it could be considered horror. You are put into situations that you may be uncomfortable with and if you allow yourself to embrace it, the situation becomes far more clear.

Without giving too much away, or sounding like a nut case, we recommend if you are in the Los Angeles area to absolutely do Alone. The immersive interactive existential haunt has to be one of the most unique and unforgettable emotional theater experiences. You will emerge a new person. It is an experience you will never and should never forget.