John Carpenter’s “HALLOWEEN” Returns to U.S. Theaters!

You read that headline right. For one night only, John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic Halloween will be back on the big screen on Thursday, October 29. It is finally time for all you horror purists to rejoice at one of the greatest pieces of news since the Exorcist remake was cancelled.

Fathom Events is teaming up with SpectiCast to bring this incredible evening to life. Even more awesome, there will be a very special pre-film introduction by John Carpenter himself. Finally we can come together and enjoy this fantastic movie the way it was originally supposed to, on the big screen.

Halloween originally premiered on October 25, 1978 in Kansas City, Missouri. It then traveled East to Chicago and New York, before being released in theaters throughout the country. 35 years later, they’ve made their money back 200 times over, making it one of the most successful independent films of all time. Keep in mind, at the time of production, they had a budget so small that they could’t even waste the leaves blowing by on set, so PA’s would have to wrangle them all for the next scene. That’s right, all those Autumn leaves blowing around were the exact same leaves as the scene before.

No doubt that Carpenters film was not only a game changer, but an inspiration to most, if not all, of you reading this. That said, click HERE to find out it there is a showing in your town and to get tickets. I know we will.