Working in the film industry has an incredible amount of interesting twists and turns, which can ultimately lead to a path previously never thought about but one where success can hide. One of the most crucial pieces of advice given to newbies coming to try their hand at entertainment when unsure of which direction to take is to try everything. Countless people come to Los Angeles from all around the world to become the next big actor or writer, they never give the chance to experiment with other possibilities. Due to the over saturation of actors and directors in the limelight, most other jobs get shadowed. After all, how many people know the true joy of working as a grip, gaffer, or art department? This week’s Featured FearMaker started his career as an actor, but in recent years has found his groove writing and directing short films. A mindful change of position around the camera has led to a few minor successes and a strong foundation for a career to follow,

Michael Sharpe was born and raised in the Charlotte, NC area. At the age of six, Michael watched Halloween 2, which sparked the horror bug inside him, leading to a life long passion. Directors like John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, P.T. Anderson, David Lynch, and Stanley Kubrick gained Michael’s attention all leading to the foundation of what was to become a film making career.

After studying Political Science at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Michael made the move to Los Angeles to try his hand in the film industry. Michael starred in Carmello Follo’s genre mash up film Cowboys vs. Zombies as the gun wielding, samurai sword swinging hero of the film.

In May of 2010, Michael Sharpe made the decision to move behind the camera and try his hand at writing and directing. His first short film, Monomaniacal, was a twenty two minute short about a girl who finds herself trapped in a basement by a deranged killer. The film received mixed reviews from the press, but was nevertheless the cornerstone of his directorial career. After completing this project, Michael got hooked on directing. Within the next twelve months, Michael would write and direct his sophomore film, The Deviling, about a girl who experiences her worst fears after a failed relationship with a mortician. This short traveled to several festivals, and even won a few awards, as well as rave reviews from critics and fans.

“I make horror films for me, but I love to share the stories I tell.” – Michael Sharpe

Michael made two more short films since then, The Destruction Artist and Out Of One’s Misery. The former was based on Pulitzer Prize and PEN/Faulkner award-winner Michael Cunningham. Both films once again received raving reviews and had positive receptions in the festival circuit. Out Of One’s Misery was Michael’s latest short film, released in 2013.

In recent years, Michael has been hard at work putting pen to paper, or rather putting fingers to keyboard. He is currently writing his first feature film, which he hopes to shoot later this year. Michael Sharpe is working hard every day to make sure his work doesn’t go unseen, and he should. It’s not easy to be making films today, in this over-saturated market or horror. Especially with the rise in popularity of steaming services and VOD, it is not easy to be seen. However, if the work is good, and the story is solid, people will find it and people will see it. Michael’s short films are interesting, intriguing, and well made. With a steady flow of aggressive work, he will be a name to reckon with in the coming years.